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Beg buy secondhand the masses
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Car category: Brand of car   car: Domestic brand- - D masses (Shanghai masses)- -   of century new show seeks the price that buy a car: 1-5 requirement of color of 10 thousand yuan of   : Black   journey asks: Platoon of   of 100000 estimates a demand: 1.8 litres of   trade area: Henan- - change the name of owner in a register of Zhengzhou   plate: Must   finite term: Person of 6 months   enrages an index:   of 38 issue date: 2008-10-8 11:21:0Car of   of 0 besides description: The requirement does not have big collision! Frame had not altered! Car configuration: Direction helps strength Car end flow spoiler AM/FM radio / cassette CD machine VCD Freezer Fog lamp The car holds a phone ABS brake system Alloy annulus circle Gasbag of safety of deputy driver's seat Gasbag of driver's seat safety Air conditioning system Medium charge guard against theft Four-wheel drive Unplug automatically The hand unplugs EBS Dynamoelectric antenna Dermal sit chair Unplug the hand unplugs automatically formalities of car of   of seat of dynamoelectric driver's seat: Travel card

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