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Masses of north and south " A " class car space is right definitely Lang Yi of X
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Lang Yi regards Shanghai as popular first " A " class car already in June the bottom appears on the market, carry the 1.6 7 models price that estimate engine with 2 to be 11.28-16.48 respectively 10 thousand yuan. And the one steam of platform of as same as bright ease out production - masses Xin Baolai also will appear on the market formally in October, although price has not been announced formally, but also more and more get the attention of consumer. So popular of these two north and south " A " outside the class car distinction besides motivation, configuration, what kind of interior space to have again severally? The contrast that adopts the following and built-in measure is analytic, let us see Xin Baolai and Lang Yi have what kind of interior space after all.

One, leg ministry space

Leg ministry space to an any cars it is very important, affecting the cozy feeling when the person that drive and passenger are taken directly. What discharge Lang Yi of respect of leg ministry space afore is the smallest for 1020mm, most greatly 1270mm, be more than Xin Baolai slightly. In respect of space of ministry of back row leg Lang Yi still continued the advantage of in front of, when meaning back row passenger to take, be superior to new treasure comes. In addition, the around shift of seat of in front of is apart from two models to be 250mm.

2, in-house height

The height inside the car is deciding, the head space of driver and passenger, taller head space will jump over height comfortable, also can offer open view for driver and passenger at the same time. In in front of and respect of space of back row the top of head, because seat sets emplacement to differ, so new treasure comes relatively Lang Yi parts tower above 20 Mm and 10mm. But in respect of space of back row the top of head Lang Yi exceeded Xin Baolai however, lang Yi of the height inside back row car is 1170mm, than 10mm of Xin Baolai tower above.

3, seat dimension

Besides leg ministry space and in-house height, seat dimension also will affect the cozy feeling when the person that drive and passenger are taken directly. Shoulder of in front of, coxal space is 130mm, 1290mm respectively, be slightly worse than Xin Baolai. In respect of back row space, photograph of respect of humeral ministry of Lang Yi, coxal space compares Xin Baolai to have trifling advantage, respectively newer Bao Laikuan gives 30 Mm and 5 Mm. Seat cushion length will be the person that drive and passenger to offer good leg ministry to prop up, length of the cushion before Lang Yi is newer treasure will grow a 15mm, but hind cushion is shorter than Xin Baolai however close 25mm.
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