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Brand-new Li Fan 620 open carry out to buy a car to send value 4500 yuan of insu
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Of force sail car brand-new model force sail 620, predict to will be in on September 19 Chengdu international car is exhibited in appear on the market formally. Before appear on the market, website of city of the car on the net got Li Fan through visitting the specific price of model of engine of 620 equipment entrance, and through nearly one pace understanding was informed recently, li Fan 620 had opened carry out sadly in Jinan region market, and appeared range is bigger covert activity of favourable sales promotion.

According to salesperson introduction, brand-new Li Fan 620 will carry homebred LF481Q3 respectively model and platoon of Tritec1.6L of former outfit entrance measures engine. The model that carries former outfit to import engine will take the lead in appearing on the market, and had been in partial area begin to sell. Jinan area has had a few price to be of seventy-three thousand eight hundred comfortable model sale showing a car, can give value 4500 yuan fully comprehensive insurance. At present of short duration does not have economic edition and luxurious edition sale showing a car, need to hand in 2000 yuan of right-and-left subscription to undertake booking. As we have learned, price is in areas of 70 thousand yuan of the following economic edition section will temporary won't have carry out.

Li Fan 620 had intermediate the exterior of find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind. Truckload exterior design used Europe is a car " line swift and fierce, modelling is sedate " design a concept, collect of it may be said is numerous of world high-grade car become greatly. Li Fan 620 truckload the face before U of class of international of exterior follow closely big mouth designs a style, truckload long 4550mm, wide 1705mm, tall 1490mm. Wheelbase 2600mm, have in the car that be the same as class drive roomily by the space. Used hub of aluminium alloy of 7 pairs of type to cooperate 195 tire, motion feels outstanding character.

Style of 620 interior trim used Li Fan international class designs tide, truckload character changes former days the coarse charge for the making of sth. of economy car, can let consumer be experienced " what can feel is exalted, those who can afford is luxurious " the concept that build a car. 620 whole interior trim design Li Fan novel, original creation, from the point of integral layout design, look for less than allowing that why to imitate a trace.

Li Fan 620 carried Brazil to install entrance Tritec engine formerly, have superhigh motivation sex and fuel economy. Most high-power is 85KW, 149/4500(N.m/rpm) of the biggest torque, top speed 201km/h, this engine once was chosen to be " 10 big optimal engine of world " one of, have incomparable dynamical advantage in be the same as scale model.
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