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"King Kong armour overcomes bug " - double Long Aiteng is all-around quality eva
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Get on the car of SUV of new fund of steam double dragon renown ActYon, come from the Active in English and Young, accumulate contain lively, young hint, chinese name loves to vacate namely the homophonic of ActYon. Vacate to love for, exterior modelling is its are the biggest sell a site, whole looks the armour that magnifies like overcomes bug, showed oneself distinctive color boldly. So distinctive to a such modelling cross-country model, is its craft quality what kind of? We might as well below will understand together.

One, exterior part:

The modelling of double Long Aiteng is very distinctive, its exterior designs similar France record is old " every bits of bit bug " in wrapping around " armature " large insect, sunken large cistern shield is love inside vacate " fang benefit mouth " , outside of protruding before bumper formed love to vacate strong " chin " , match on two keen headlight, take off alive giant King Kong beetle. Headlight part and bumper, ala child board, the frame of bonnet, cistern juncture all round is very well-balanced, there is setup between headlight and bonnet rubber mat is sealed.

Love vacates car tail section and car head identical, the juncture of the boot after taillight is reached is same very even, integral charge for the making of sth. accomplished around to agree, but the crack between end door is larger.

Rain is brushed used commonly framework rain is brushed, rain brushs body upper part to still contain special aerodynamics lamina, the wind-force when can using car travel increases rain to blow piece with glass close together model, more effective raze adheres to the rainwater on glass.

Love is vacated used hub of 18 inches of 5 aluminium alloy, the 255/60R18 that tire manufactures for Han Tai is high quality tire.

End door is the open on electromagnetism type, double baric lever is propped up. Open / the resistance that shut is greater, more laborious in when using, be used.

Double Long Aiteng starts engine room layout to be not convention to rectify. Sound insulation cotton is contained on bonnet, engine bottom assembles baffle, through it can avoid the cobble that flies on the road or uneven road surface effectively, to engine lower part and bodywork bottom causes harm.

2, door part:

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