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Edition of lucky eagle derv all needs to book block new car of short duration au
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Edition of derv of lucky eagle 1.9CTI appears on the market to had had the time of a many month, so this price is one hundred and thirty-four thousand eight hundred yuan new car sale status is what kind of. Recently, website of city of the car on the net arrives through visitting understanding in Jinan market, although edition of derv of this luck eagle appears on the market to had had period of time, but still do not have sale showing a car, all need to book. And the 2.0T that front time is paid close attention to by each all the time blocks new car automatically appear on the market date will be deferred again.

As we have learned, at present edition of lucky eagle derv is order sale, agency office is not had almost show a car. Although derv edition is in,oily respect shows function and red-letter day color, but because oil plants is mixed,the reason of the price and other model photograph are compared, consumer attention is spent not tall. So agency does not want to take up capital purchases a large number of showing car, major agency is in only exhibit a car. And the 2.0T of benzine edition is blocked automatically edition, still do not have particular value and the message that configure a respect at present.

The biggest characteristic used lucky eagle diesel engine namely CIDI high pressure in all technology of course report gush. This kind of new technology makes the dynamical performance of car and economic performance win remarkable promotion. Of lucky eagle 1.9CTI most high-power is 82kW/4000rpm, the biggest torque achieves 235Nm/1800-2300rpm, what match to it is 6 archives hand uses transmission, its 100 kilometers oily bad news is 5.5L economy only very outstanding.

Lucky eagle 2.0TCI deployed a hand / from gear-box of an organic whole, the dynamical performance of engine of this turbine pressure boost is discharging an amount together is the strongest in SUV, most high-power 130kW/4000rpm, 250Nm/4500rpm of the biggest torque. And at the same time its 100 kilometers oily bad news has 9.5L only, opposite at congener competitor, it has stability taller, more the province is oily, safeguard the characteristic with lower cost.

After edition of lucky eagle derv appears on the market, did not affect the sale of benzine edition model. The benzine edition model that so in advance appears on the market is current favourable range is not big, price respect does not have big wave motion, show a car enougher.

(Edit Han Wei)

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