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Consumer talks about the group that buy a car to buy handed in deposit to wait t
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□ into grove (Jiangsu Xuzhou)

To give make things convenient for somebody be accommodating, wife is making a noise to want to buy a car all the day, the portal website that then I go to ground of one family belongs browses information, the forum of the website has " I love a group to buy " board piece, quite hot, amount of a money order receipt to be signed and returned to sender is very large, their catchword is solidarity it is force, the amount decides the value.

Cannot think of, actually somebody organizes a group to buy a car, 5 forms are conglomerate. The just in time that the group buys is that model that I take a fancy to, this vehicle economy is substantial, the market is had rate is high, ran so a few cars specialize in inn, the price always tells no less than coming, and the quoted price that the group buys is lower than the market 3000 yuan, be too economical really. Then, I follow post newspaper renown.

Had done not have a few days, "Colonel " call to me, the demand goes specializing in inn to see a car. The following day, we a few member are in specialize in inn to try together drove this car, the feeling is very satisfactory, colonel takes us to cut price again with the businessman together again, the businessman says this car does not have profit, the price cannot again low, if we hand in imprest gold to decide a car now, the great gift that can send us an overflow is wrapped. Everybody feels quite substantial, drew out money to decide a car then. Pay deposit, the boss complements again specification, this car very sell like hot cakes, did not come into stock temporarily, the likelihood wants to wait for period of time.

such, waited for 3 months, the car came eventually. We hand in the 2nd week of all car section, I saw the sales promotion ad of this car from newspaper, for redound broad consumer, this car sells special offer, benefit yields on original value basis 5000 yuan. Then we look for colonel, phone of the other side stops machine, we find a businessman, the businessman says they also did not think of this car can depreciate, say we are decided ahead of schedule again, model of sell like hot cakes carries a car to need to wait for proper time. So artful, just paid cash, drop price, we have a kind of fooled feeling, cannot think of this the group is bought really, let us wait for 3 months, floriferous still 2000 yuan.

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