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Replacement of next year of Ao Di A4 shows carry out model highest privilege 38
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Ao Di A4 is holding the position that hold the balance in Ao Di familial product, also created very good sales volume in market of car of luxurious B class at the same time. In Ao Di familial model changes ceaselessly while, ao Di A4 also will be with brand-new model changing a money at the beginning of next year put in the market, and the Ao Di A4 that makes work now also has constant change in the privilege on the price, specific model and privilege are as follows:

The inn that occupy 4S salesperson introduction, ao Di shows carry out model to share 6, cent 1.8T and 2.0T discharge an amount twice, change archives car merchandise on hand except 1.8 hands at present less besides, consumer buys other model all can mention inside inn show a car, color is more all ready also. Because change the A4 of new Ao Di after the paragraph to will put in the market at the beginning of next year, the favourable range of the model is at present so bigger. The consumer 4S store that buys 1.8T model in Beijing can give out 30 thousand yuan cash is favourable, 1.8T hand is moved comfortable model original price two hundred and seventy-four thousand nine hundred, the price after privilege two hundred and forty-four thousand nine hundred, insufficient already 250 thousand, and 2.0T has 38 thousand yuan privilege more. In preferential price case, individual inn still can give whole vehicle adornment to wait.

Ao Di A4 used Ao Di of familial mark sex before facial design, as cooperate, its headlight is designed and lower part also passed embellish into gas mouth modelling. Besides car head, the change that remain also is centered in car taillight part. The model that brings edge slightly originally can show a few minutes to be moved properly fully feeling, and what what new A4 makes on the foundation in line of whole of reservation old money is fruity change processing to make of end of car head car and automobile body join to be shown slightly curt. Classical interior trim of Ao Di is withheld by overall on new A4, distinction just depended on using more high-tech new material. And the 2.0T engine that its carry also is the largest window: It used the most advanced jar inside straight gush technology, motivation promoted output on certain level and reduced fuel to use up.

(Edit Yue Zhigang)

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