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11 face weather vane of the Near East to send privilege of 307 whole departments
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The step that leaves 11 golden weeks is closer and closer, car city also entered the sale peak period on real significance, for loot more consumer, businessmen are early the contention battle that began the price. Have " lionet " beautiful praise beautiful 307 not exceptional also, recently, the understanding when the author contacts east wind mark to send capital area dealer arrives, the privilege of 307 increases somewhat again.

Beautiful 307
Beautiful 307

It is reported, as Fox of Xin Baolai, new fund be about to appear on the market, beautiful 307 competitive pressure that face are greater and greater also, to can assure sales volume, at the same time also to shift to an earlier date market of race to control, agency increased the scope yielding benefit of 307 12000 yuan, source of the car inside inn is at present more, it is individual color needs to book only, the salesperson expresses, below safe on inn circumstance, still can give simple interior trim appropriately. Specific each model price expresses as follows:

3 compartment 307 deploy 1.6L and 2.0L two kinds of motivation, can satisfy not only drive demand, also added broad customer at the same time buy an option. New 307 abounded configuration while, also had than old money on the exterior improve greatly, "Big mouth " of type before the face is full atmosphere, period flavor is grumous; What compare commend additionally is the end compartment after the course is designed anew, cast off old money to give a person before " at odds " , new the fluent line of 307 mothball compartment makes truckload and true be in harmony is an organic whole.

Editor viewpoint: Since beautiful since entering China, the brand image with lionet vivid lovely wave is thorough popular feeling, the reception that got domestic numerous person and love; From Feburary of 307 both sides after appearing on the market, weather vane sent alignment of the product below the banner to get be strengtheninged further east, the model that can buy for consumer is farther also grow in quantity. Depreciate this promoted the sex of 307 valence comparing, if you love or buy this car of purpose, might as well go having a look inside inn.

(Note: This prices information is collected from local agency, with the price is that day accurate)

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