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Differ who does Han Landa of EX35/ of Ni Di of 150 thousand flower humble choose
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On September 19, 2008, the Ni Di of high-end brand Ying Fei that day produces rolled out EX35 of model of the 2nd SUV in Chinese area, price is 62.7-64.7 10 thousand yuan. By Yingfeinidi design of Japanese design center finishs EX35 of flower humble Ni Di, line is fluent, beautiful, move feeling, fully truckload piece decorous with atmosphere. . The collect motility with successful EX35 and compact sex at an organic whole, having a car to hold charge a sex while had simple cross-country function again. So its market competition ability after all how? Understand this new car clearly more to can invite customer, the Han Landa of model of Feng Tian SUV that we chose to appeared on the market last year will do all-around comparative, tell you in detail the characteristic of this car.

One, truckload dimension is comparative

Yingfeinidi and Hanlanda are the model that sells with importing means to be in Chinese area, all belong to the urban SUV of a level, but differ as a result of fixed position, differ in price respect so nearly 150 thousand yuan. Two models in abundant of respect of automobile body measure Tian Hanlan is amounted to in the car wide, Che Gaojun exceeded long, car EX35 of Ying Fei Ni Di, this made sure its are in-house and transverse what the space reachs head space is capacious. Wheelbase of EX35 of flower humble Ni Di achieved 2800mm, make place oneself of the member that the back row before its is multiplied can be experienced among them the most comfortable take experience. In cross-country performance side, from on the road clearance that expresses data to be able to see Hanlanda achieved 203mm respectively, was close to horn and angle of departure to be achieved respectively 29 ° and 24 ° , such parameter should be OK and contented average cross-country grade besides. Cross-country respect EX35 did not provide cross-country parameter data, but of 5.7m turn radius ensured it narrow on canal road through the gender.

2, dynamical performance

What model of these two SUV all embarks is 6 crocks of V engine, platoon quantity is in 3.5 litres this interval. But existing to be distinguished constitutionally however on engine technology. Han Landa's engine provided double VVT-i technology, realized outstanding dynamical output, improved fuel economy further at the same time. What EX35 deploys is the VQ engine with more outstanding motivation, this from most the output of high-power and the biggest torque can see. The 5 archives hand that in transmission side two models deploy from transmission of an organic whole. What EX35 brake system uses is to come loose the from beginning to end with hot good performance is ventilated dish, han Landa collects what use is before ventilated hind sincere.
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