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Blessing beauty comes to 09 appear on the market - carry out removes Beijing are
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Exhibit in the Chengdu car that just ends, beauty of blessing of sea horse car comes to 09 upgrade appear on the market, new car includes a hand to move comfortable, hand automatic and luxurious, comfortable and automatic and luxurious 4 models, among them the hand moves comfortable market to coach valence is eighty-six thousand eight hundred yuan, the hand moves automatic and luxurious, comfortable with automatic and luxurious market directive price is respectively: Ninety-six thousand eight hundred yuan, ninety-nine thousand eight hundred yuan mix one hundred and six thousand eight hundred yuan.

According to understanding of website of city of the car on the net, at present Beijing area was executed " country Ⅳ " discharge a standard, fumeilaiyin discharges a standard not to amount to mark, whole department model all cannot be sold in Beijing. Although blessing beauty comes to 09 had appeared on the market, but also can sell in the area beyond Beijing only, come with respect to Lian Fumei old money model also walked out of Beijing field gradually a few days ago. And the salesperson represents shop of 4S of car of Beijing area sea horse, have sea horse only at present 3, Hai Fuxing and sale of model of general force horse, the blessing beauty of Ⅳ version comes to the country when to arrive still do not decide now.

Blessing beauty comes follow pragmatical course, give consumer more substantial option. Blessing beauty comes to 09 be in carve exterior while, more upgrade to be perfected with character in the technology on pour into a large number of painstaking effort. Blessing beauty comes to 09 take sea horse car " complete the quality control of a whole process and quality improve a concept (ALL-FOR-QUALITY) " , the E-NOVA-C with synchronous world is truckload evaluation system ensures blessing beauty comes 09 stabler, better quality. Its 5 upgrade to come for blessing beauty greatly 09 do one's best did the concept of sufficient exercise to benefit the internal organs to make best comment!

Blessing beauty comes to 09 regard as brand-new the beauty of design, new generation blessing that optimizes in the round comes upgrade model, come in continuance blessing beauty brand " Zhi Shangyou is " savour while, respectively from hold accuse, the 5 large part such as oily science and technology of environmental protection, safe, section, appearance undertook amounting to 15 upgrade, character promotes in the round. In light of the directive price that comes to 09 to appear on the market from blessing beauty, follow the tall sex price with consistent sea horse compares market course, overall tone officer and the blessing beauty that upgrade come 09 markets coach the price still can fall explore to go to 90 thousand yuan the following, its sex value is more overter than the advantage.
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