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Fu Kang is favourable 12 thousand check inventory new Ailishe is favourable near
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Dragon of iron of east wind snow first models " Fu Kang " at present already stop production, replace model both sides Ailishe is about to roll out. Recently, website of city of the car on the net understands in Jinan region market, the car of stock of a batch of Fu Kang that produces finally falls at present 12 thousand yuan throw money, and with door model new Ailishe also appeared nearly 4000 yuan privilege.

According to salesperson introduction, this approves Fu Kang car to be sold to buy outright, color is only white and silver-colored gray, the sixty-three thousand eight hundred yuan price after privilege is white the lowermost price of common lacquer model, if the client chooses silver-colored gray metal,Qize needs 1000 yuan to increase price. Before Xin Aili abandons current favourable range to compare paragraph time rises somewhat, the brunt hand motor-car of two sales privilege achieved 3800 yuan, block model privilege automatically scope is the least it is 2800 yuan.

Follow of 08 Fu Kang before classical, air, do not fall the style of convention, new the diversification choice that addition automobile body color satisfied customer, brand-new hind taillight makes car be expert at not only sail the signal in the process is more marked, enhanced security of drive a vehicle greatly. The empennage that already became mark to match makes truckload move move is very, in shedding outpouring grumous and fashionable breath to will make 08 Fu Kangcheng are wagon flow together beautiful beautiful scenery. And quite welcome 14 ′ double 5 " Monaco " rim of new-style aluminium alloy also is armed to go up to 1.6L 16V model, this kind of rim pledges gently not only, beautiful, be helpful for car saving oily cost not only, still can prolong tire life at the same time, enhance travel ride comfort.

Love Li Shequan new model newly to have European charm extremely, fashionable and there is no lack of sedate air; Interior trim of contracted and easy manner, let enjoy nowhere to be absent; Brand-new system of equipment domestic banner BOSCH 8.1 ABS EBD, improved the safety performance of apply the brake of car greatly, ensure hold accuse stabler; Number of system of blue tooth of particular speech intelligence, 6 1 is fictitious sound system, make car life and digital life perfect and shirt-sleeve; Interior space is capacious, take comfortable; Choose material of environmental protection interior trim, quality of the air inside the car reachs the advanced level of domestic car.

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