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Car of domestic and international star runs quickly than going all out greatly Q
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Run quickly subordinate fashionable car Smart is about to enter home market to sell, with the strange luck QQ of domestic widely known identical Smart is in Europe also is absolutely star car, form spreads all over ave lane. Before long hind, these two domestic and international star cars are about to meet formally in home, although price differs nearly 4 times, but the rate that gets attention is equal however, so below we see them together who can denounce you to like more.

Because of automobile body type different, two models are on automobile body dimension the difference is bigger. The Smart that 5 strange luck QQ should design than 2 seats grows 1 meter, and the car is wide and height differs not quite. Dynamical system respect, smart is 3 crocks of engine, and strange luck QQ is 4 crocks of common machine, smart surprises in prep above of summary of integral performance side lucky QQ.

Two cars that have cartoon temperament have window each on modelling, smart initiated the beginning of double seat small car, the design of cabinet automobile body individual character earns not only on the road sufficient turn round to lead, and drive more easily, jockey daily appear easier. And the design surveyor's pole that strange luck QQ erected car of both sides miniature, harmonious automobile body scale, and easy and lovely modelling lets strange luck QQ easily became " masses lover " .

4 wheels of Smart by as far as possible the design was in of automobile body quadrilateral, flank line is more beautiful. The wheelbase of two cars has bigger difference, photograph of strange luck QQ compares 5 edition with the Smart of 3 edition and not large size apparent " short one cut " . Roof of strange luck QQ can lade the baggage article of particular weight, and Smart has model of open sail edition to be able to offer an alternative.

Two cars all introduced the local model of car end common circle, the fission type design of Smart looks administrative levels to feel stronger. And pair of circle criterion with larger area of strange luck QQ and before the design photograph echo of headlight, two cars all have the color with distinctive oneself.

Two cars although ponder is dye-in-the-wood, but what the convenience sex that in be being used daily, needs or greater part consumer care. Suffer " figure " limitation, cang Rong accumulates the baggage of Smart to be able to say to be used quite constrainedly only. And bigger baggage Cang Rong can be obtained to accumulate after the strange luck QQ with a few bigger bodywork puts back row seat, practical better.
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