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Life home new car guides buy new Colt of 3 water chestnut lands Parisian car to
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Dry,crisp air of autumn, the mood that buys a car also came. Just this year Olympic Games year, new model scrape up arrived second half of the year appears on the market. The presidential level car of luxurious brand reachs on, leave car of homebred high-quality goods, everything needed is ready, new car is ceaseless. Life home is in this is special roll out life home new car to guide buy set, let you like homebred can buy homebred car, those who like an import is OK average mouth car. The Olympic Games just ends, everybody the passion that still does not have retire, to the top of one's bent brandish is aspersed on this lively car city!

Brand-new generation Colt lands car of French Paris international to exhibit as one of globalization models of 3 water chestnut, face oil price shoots up now in foreign market in recent years small-sized car is mixed compact model car (A0 class and class A are become in abroad) the force that sales volume becomes growth, and a helping hand of strategy of globalization new car that this the arrival of new generation Colt will aid 3 water chestnut.

New generation no matter Colt of 3 water chestnut is appearance or interior trim had bigger change, the face before big mouth type comes from brand-new the design style of generation La Se, come round to look with respect to eye " echelon " the familial type number that the face before big mouth type has made new car of 3 water chestnut, additional of Clot before the athletic color that headlight also has Xin Lase very much, because cost issue new light is done not have,just use relatively responsible combination.

Colt of 3 water chestnut introduced new generation of interior trim respect relatively contracted design, appearance dial used the combination of revolution counter, speedometer and monitor of computer of the drive a vehicle intermediate, have color of a few popular however.

Dynamical respect new generation 3 water chestnut provided 3 engine for Colt, it is respectively most the 1.1L engine that high-power is 75 horsepower; Most the 1.3L engine that high-power is 95 horsepower and most the 1.5L engine that high-power is 109 horsepower. Still deployed 5 fast hands to move at the same time automatic transmission and 5 fast automatic transmission.

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