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8-10 month appears on the market mainstream new car guides buy (group plan)
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Step autumn, new car is active degree is steep add, calculate roughly, begin from August only, already in succession 16 new cars put in the market, if want,buy the word of a new car so, you had had enough choice. The formula of mainstream new car that we roll out month of a 8-10 here guides buy, the hope buys a car to provide reference for you.

The graph is gallop


Gallopping is one steam head paragraph

  Market: The order amount that appears on the market first months breaks through 7466, among them the government is purchased occupied quite one part. Be in Guangzhou, book gallop need to hand in 500-10000 yuan subscription, a month influences the time that shift a car.

   Referenced price: 15.18 - two hundred and eight thousand eight hundred yuan

The graph is equestrian 6 WAGON

  Ma Zida 6 WAGON

Ma Zida 6WAGON is domestic head money in advanced journey car, the advantage depends on a space applying agile, especially hind cabin space is quite capacious, the cubage below standard reference conditions achieves 505 litres, backlash chair back of a chair is put completely after making the same score, cabin space can expand to after 1712 litres, reached average car the 3-4 of mothball compartment space times.

   Market: Countrywide target sales volume is 3000 about this year, at present inn of each 4S inside Guangzhou city has model car to try for trying drive, first car advocate can be in the most quickly this month the last ten-day of a month can shift a car, order a car to be able to be given at present appear on the market commemorative suit.

   Referenced price: Two hundred and forty-six thousand eight hundred yuan

The graph is C2

  Xue Tielong C2

Homebred C2 carries 1.4 litres to mix 1.6 litres of two paragraph engine, each quantity has SX and EX respectively again two models, what C2 embarks is beautiful Xue Tielong the group is brand-new engine of series of the 3rd acting TU, 1.6 litres of engine used ME7.4.5 management system, in homebred C2 block a model automatically to go up, deployed AL4 sequence control to get used to intelligence to change a hand oneself from gear-box of an organic whole. With European market the style of campaign of C2 lay particular stress on of 3 version differs, to suit and satisfy the requirement of consumer urbanism, in this reborn activation that China puts in.
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