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Life home new car guides buy run quickly intelligence agent of E63 AMG archetypa
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Dry,crisp air of autumn, the mood that buys a car also came. Just this year Olympic Games year, new model scrape up arrived second half of the year appears on the market. The presidential level car of luxurious brand reachs on, leave car of homebred high-quality goods, everything needed is ready, new car is ceaseless. Life home is in this is special roll out life home new car to guide buy set, let you like homebred can buy homebred car, those who like an import is OK average mouth car. The Olympic Games just ends, everybody the passion that still does not have retire, to the top of one's bent brandish is aspersed on this lively car city!

Run quickly E63 AMG still is in development process, espionage takes a reporter recently the test intelligence agent that in button Bai Gelin circuit took archetypal car is illuminated. The automobile body of this car still undertook weighing spending camouflage, but because run quickly,the ConceptFASCINATION concept car that releases recently has reflected a future after the modelling style of car of whole E class, this car was concerned about with respect to it doesn't matter.

And the dynamical system that this car carries also has been person place already ripe cicada, the engine of 6.3 litres of V8 of AMG most high-power will exceed 500 horse power, and 100 kilometers of 0 ~ / the hour quickens time to be controlled in 4 seconds.

The driver is auxiliary drive the one large window that the system will make new car, include system of driveway deviate caution, eyeball motion monitor, traffic sign identifies a system, road condition sensor and OK and OK according to side wind, obliquitous change ratio and tire wear away outside front-wheel drive the car stability that degree undertakes adjustment controls a system.

Car of class of new generation E will be exhibited in the Geneva car of next year appear, subsequently E63 AMG will be in in those days Frankfurt car is exhibited release and 2010 models will regard as to appear on the market after the car is exhibited.

Run quickly E63 AMG is in maintain original and driving dynamic to still will provide a series of high-tech equipment at the same time, when this makes its are competing with the model that be the same as class won't because low and content of science and technology is backward.

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