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Send SUV Bego greatly new car of home of life of much more graphic analyse guide
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Dry,crisp air of autumn, the mood that buys a car also came. Just this year Olympic Games year, new model scrape up arrived second half of the year appears on the market. The presidential level car of luxurious brand reachs on, leave car of homebred high-quality goods, everything needed is ready, new car is ceaseless. Life home is in this is special roll out life home new car to guide buy set, let you like homebred can buy homebred car, those who like an import is OK average mouth car. The Olympic Games just ends, everybody the passion that still does not have retire, to the top of one's bent brandish is aspersed on this lively car city!

Recently, the reporter understands from place of personage of know the inside story of interior of big hair car: This year Beijing car is exhibited in the small-sized city SUV that appear -- Be-go will be sold at appearing on the market in home by October. The Be-go that introduces this shares 2 models, it is the two drive of 1.5 litres of gasoline engine and 4 drive version respectively, at present already the part shows a car to reach the large store of home that send 4S.

Be-go is a when 6 years Japan appears on the market compact model SUV, make by the with great concentration of group of research and development that sends a car greatly. And the element of the Feng Tian on this automobile body appears a few morer, before be being compared relatively special acute and Senyabi's more outstanding big hair color, the exterior line with fruity Be-go, careful interior trim should more by city of young user love.

Be-go is mixed on behalf of the city impression with spell able and concise move lively and rich use the new-style SUV figure of feeling, it is a foundation in order to exceed the delicate scale of means of short front overhang, fluent automobile body curve and spell able and concise city impressional are deduced in perfect ground at the same time, the wide ala that be designed with conspicuous car predecessor and has 4 drive feature extremely child board, show this car vigor to be moved dye-in-the-woodly feeling.

The length of this car is 4085mm, width is 1745mm, height is 1740mm, and the wheelbase of this car achieves 2580mm, inside exquisite automobile body although 5 adult are taken also still relaxed. Goods storehouse still has 380 litres high capacity when taking 5 people. If pack up right-and-left seat, attainable 778 litres carry object space broadly, additional of this car the smallest turn radius is 4.9 meters only, in street and on narrow road also can drive easily.

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