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Engine carbon deposit is what carbon deposit produces a reason to be over there
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The generation of the carbon deposit in the fuel, system that take energy of life and lubricant system and ambient conditions and oneself function and petrolic quality are having close relationship. Benzine is the mixture that comprises by C4-C11 hydrocarbon, its chemical composition basically points to the content of alkene, balmy hydrocarbon and saturated hydrocarbon. Among them alkene is apperception of not saturated hydrocarbon closes matter, chemical stability is low, easy oxidation condensation polymerization is generated colloid, but anti-knock properties is good; It is good that balmy alkylation learns invariability, anti-knock properties, it is benzine high-energy, high-octane composition, but after combustion, can generate benzene, cause pollution to atmosphere. Pass above analysis, can see the olefin in benzine is the main reason that carbon deposit produces, the content of alkene is affecting petrolic quality directly. A few harmful material (sulfur, lead and benzene) one of reasons that content exceeds bid also is carbon deposit generation.

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