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Unmindful place shows a car advocate grade hub plays the part of beautiful love
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Imagine the gent of a neatly dressed very hard, there is a pair however below the foot malapropos, dirty extremely old leather shoes; Imagine the limousine car with an elegant demeanour very hard also likewise, installing the hub of dirty however. When playing the part of beautiful love car, must not ignore hub, the visual impression that hub exterior and tire decorative pattern give a person is the first, be this looks be like unmindful place to reveal a car can properly however advocate grade.

Hub makes round of group again. According to resurgence Yun Lun encircles supermarket controller to introduce, according to the feature of different model and demand, hub finishing craft also can take different kind, can divide roughly eletroplate to bake Qi He two kinds. What the hub of common model considers on the exterior is less, medicinal powder hot sex is a main demand very, on craft use processing of the lacquer that bake basically, namely first spray next report is baked, cost contrasts economy and color is beautiful beautiful, hold time long, although car discarded as useless, the color of hub as before changeless. Craft of finishing of hub of model of a lot of masses is the lacquer that bake, be like Sangdana 2000, Xiali handsome arrogant of elegant, times child, southeast water chestnut handsome or it is this cropland Odyssey. A few fashionable avant-courier, those who move the chromatic hub that feels dye-in-the-wood to apply also is technology of the lacquer that bake. Moderate of price of this kind of hub, norms is all ready.

Eletroplate hub distributes report again plating of silver-gilt, water and electricity and pure eletroplate wait for a type. Eletroplate silver and hub of plating of water and electricity although colour and lustre is bright and vivid, but hold time shorter, the price is relatively so cheap, for a lot of pursuit the youth place of new move likes, market price case is in 300 yuan - 500 yuan between. Pure eletroplate of great capacity of hub as above is current of the form a complete set of former field of  of the big G8 that fasten a guest that produce is pure eletroplate hub, colour and lustre holds time long, can saying is qualitative actor price tall. In if high-grade car is wide this, Aodiduo is chosen pure eletroplate hub, the price about 800—900 yuan.

3 factors should consider when choosing hub. It is size: Increase hub not blindly. Somebody increases hub to improve car performance, in tire external diameter changeless circumstance falls, old boss certainly will should cooperate wide and flat tire, of the car transverse swinging is small, stability gets rising, cross a turn to be like like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water-touch on sth without going into it deeply from time to tome, lightsome flit. But tyre is flatter, its ply is thinner, damping performance is poorer, comfortable sex respect is about to make greater sacrifice. In addition, have the roadblock such as cobble a little one press or rub against, tire damages very easily. Because this increases the price of hub blindly,not allow to ignore. Will tell commonly, increase 9 number according to size of former wheel hub most appropriate. 2 it is pitch, screw eye is apart from, eccentric throw must fit a model. This is meant when choosing cannot follow one's inclinations the external form that chooses oneself to love, comply with even the proposal of technician considers this 3 be apart from appropriate. 3 it is appearance: The hub with complex, concentrated structure is very beautiful really, appear have class, but be washed very easily by refus when washing a car or be to receive fund more, because it is washed,rise too troublesome. Contracted hub is moved instead move is very, efficient. Of course if you take trouble, also just as well.
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