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Unmindful place shows a car advocate grade hub plays the part of beautiful love
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Of nowadays development popular feeling aluminium alloy hub, with the Tie Zhu in the past hub photograph is compared, fought deformation to have very big rise, weight is reduced substantially, car power loss is small, run fast, province oily and medicinal powder hot sex is good, for broad car advocate be loved. Should remind here a bit, have many car agency to cater to a car advocate taste, before selling a car, change iron hub into aluminium alloy hub beforehand, but go up in the price however firm firm adds brushstroke. From economy so substantial angle considers, when buying a car, do not want too the material that cares about hub is qualitative, can be changed anyway according to oneself style, brushstroke still can be saved on price, what is there against it.

Hub conserve method:

1, when hub when temperature is higher, should make travel of the reentry after its cool naturally clean, ten million cannot be cleaned with cold water. Otherwise, can make aluminium alloy hub is damaged, make even apply the brake dish be out of shape and affect result of apply the brake. Additional, hub of Jin Lun of cleaner cleanness aluminous stage is used when high temperature, can make hub surface produces chemical reaction, lose luster, the influence is beautiful.

2, it is difficult to should be stained with on hub when cleared asphalt, if general cleaner to no effect, usable brush tries to keep clear of, but do not use excellent brush, especially iron brush, lest mar hub appearance. Here, to illicit home car advocate people the folk prescription that introduces a kind of cleared asphalt: Choose inunction of oily ” of officinal “ loose namely, can achieve the result that expect is less than, have a try.

3, when car is in an area to be like moisture or be close to a seaside, hub should diligent clean, in order to avoid salinity to aluminous surface corrode.

4, when necessary after cleanness is clean, can undertake waxing maintaining to hub, make its burnish always is stationed in.

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