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Maintenance of 10 thousand yuan of cars investigates 15-20 of Gui Yougui truth
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Investigation explains

1. The 6 mainstreams car of this second investigation: Treasure comes, 307, accept of corollaceous, sunshine, contest, Picasso

2. The model explains: These 6 chooses vehicles are 15 ~ only the mainstream inside interval of 200 thousand yuan of price and model of sell like hot cakes, do not represent the consistency of model fixed position, class.

3. Investigate pattern: The reporter seeks advice from the much home agency of a kind of model with consumer name phone

4. Data explains: The limit that accepts investigation form and each model maintain the effect with cycle and distinct project, this data is only roughly circumstance, offer reference only, if have,not agree with, quote actually with agency please to allow.

Upkeep cost is versed in cost has not expensive avoid protect

Engine oil 3 filter charge: Overall for this one difference of 6 cars is not very big. From the point of the total cost of 3 filter, corollaceous, sunshine is opposite taller, main expensive go up in the benzine filter of two cars, the kilometer number that nevertheless filter of this kind of benzine changes is longer, be like corollaceous the ability when 80 thousand kilometer is changed, so total cost did not see have apparent difference.

15000 kilometers maintain:

Groovy project: Filter of engine oil, machine

Charge: Treasure comes, 307 slightly tall, in 500 ~ 600 yuan; Other vehicle is controlled 400 yuan in 300 ~ more.

30000 kilometers maintain:

Groovy project: Engine oil, 3 filter, sparkplug, whole vehicle is checked

Charge: Outside dividing corollaceous, sunshine, major car needs to change 3 filter, sparkplug in this course of development, charge fluctuates in 1000 yuan more; Because the 4S inn of dragon of iron of east wind snow rolls out cost of man-hour handling card to make the 5 services that lose, so man-hour cost compares other vehicle slightly low. Treasure comes 1. 8T should change sparkplug mostly, sparkplug of this kind of entrance 150 multivariate, 4 600 multivariate, nature of whole upkeep cost wants prep above other vehicle.

60000 kilometers maintain:

Groovy project: Engine oil, 3 filter, sparkplug, when leather belt, part or whole vehicle oil, clean door of atomizer solar term, whole vehicle to check

Charge: Sunshine, corollaceous because used chain when leather belt, need not change regularly almost, it is so when number of this one kilometer, can leave out this charge, under photograph comparing, it is the cheapest that the 60000 kilometers convention of sunshine maintains. Need not change likewise nevertheless when of leather belt corollaceous, the upkeep cost when 40000 kilometers does not compare other vehicle the province when 60000 kilometers, also fluctuate in 2000 yuan with other vehicle.

Character of spare parts charge is different the price is discrepant

Brake piece: Brake of around of a few cars piece value general interest is in 200 ~ 500 yuan between, among them before brake piece sunshine price slightly tall, hind brake piece Picasso is taller, amount to 800 multivariate.
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