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Maintenance of 10 thousand yuan of cars investigates 15-20 of Gui Yougui truth
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Rain brushs piece: The rain of 6 cars brushs a price somewhat difference, control in 100 yuan mostly, sunshine is a bit cheap.

Sparkplug: Great majority is a few yuan of money common sparkplug, treasure comes 1. The prep above of entrance sparkplug price of 8T is other car.

when leather belt: Of most car when leather belt is in 200 ~ 500 yuan, among them because corollaceous, sunshine used chain, the price wants tall, sunshine is controlled for 800 yuan.

Storage battery: In a few cars corollaceous storage battery price is top, nearly 600 yuan, other vehicle is in more 300 multivariate.

Bumper: Knowing is be concerned with sales volume or concern with car department, 307, the bumper of accept of a place of strategic importance, Picasso shows on the high side in a few Che Zhongming, it is 1000 yuan even 2000 yuan of above; Other vehicle 200 ~ 800 multivariate differ.

307 1. 6L hand from an organic whole: Maintain cycle grows slightly, charge moderate; Fittings price on the high side.

Picasso 2. 0L hand from an organic whole: Upkeep cost moderate, partial fittings price slightly tall; But man-hour cost is relatively inferior.

Treasure comes 1. 8T: Wait in engine maintain the respect should expend some of idea more, moderate of average upkeep cost, sparkplug maintain with what engine concerns project value slightly tall.

Sunshine 2. 0L is automatic: In these a few cars upkeep cost and fittings value are relative inferior.

Contest accept 2. 0L is automatic: Upkeep cost moderate, partial fittings price slightly tall; But man-hour cost is relatively inferior. B

Corollaceous 1. 8L is luxurious: Upkeep cost moderate, fittings value is secondary slant on.

Investigation discovery answers doubt

Doubt 1: Does treasure come is the sparkplug of 1.8T good be in? Use at ordinary times, what should notice in maintaining?

Car of Beijing Bo Ruixiang great sells personnel of service center technology:

The fittings that treasure comes to has many imports, the sparkplug that imports for instance, homebred with respect to ten yuan of money, but entrance want 150 multivariate. Import a sparkplug to compare homebred an ignition fast, idle fast also be close friends with acceleration stability a few.

To a few commonly used fittings change how long time is advisable, one steam popular has strict regulation on user manual. But some spare parts differ with the circumstance as a result of car abet, loss also need not be changed not quite, we can give a car advocate a few proposals, by the car advocate decision. If sparkplug asks 30 thousand kilometer is changed, if working case is good, also can change again when 40 thousand kilometer.

Doubt 2: Of sunshine when leather belt uses chain, with common when does leather belt have why to differ? Benzine filter is more expensive than be the same as class car to want, allegedly 20 thousand kilometer is changed, why does filter have filter of this kind of steam and common steam to differ?
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