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Business of vehicle maintenance and repair changes a car door lock " man-hour is
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The day before yesterday, maintenance business gives a car advocate after the car of Mr Wu changed car door lock, divide collection cost of raw materials 1000 multivariate outside, still man-hour of a “ expends ”500 yuan. And this “ man-hour expends ” , maintenance business did not tell Mr Wu beforehand.

Car advocate the turn light indicator of Ao Di car of Mr Wu is not bright, after the car of Beijing Bo Ruixiang cloud of fort of double outside be located in De Sheng door spring sells a center to maintain, mr Wu the accused knows: Besides the cost of raw materials that handles part of car door lock 1000 multivariate outside, still must pay a 500 yuan man-hour fee.
Mr Wu produces controversy for this and maintenance business. Before advisory Hetong admits to change a lock, the service that maintains trade did not collect fees problem Mr Xiang Wu bright show. And this company claims the technology is in charge of make a gentleman firm the collection that calls these 500 yuan of man-hour cost is reasonable. Cost of “ this man-hour is to consult Ao Di makes in German rate, specific how much to receive, wait for element decision according to the workload of maintenance. ” car advocate Mr Wu thinks, cost of 500 yuan of man-hour closes so that do not have a basis, and collect fees exorbitant. But under, mr Wu pays total cost neat, state after this will continue with this matter of maintenance business bargaining.

Say according to prices branch, the commodity that maintains business to be able to be his by oneself fixes a price, but must with the price clearly marked according to concerned regulation mark a price, and ought to inform clearly when be tasted to consumer provider or serving. Yang Hui rich

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