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Advent of Qiu Dong season arrived to love a car to change to oneself when the do
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Cold Qiu Dong season has come, was to arrive to love a car to change to oneself when the dot is oily.

Guiyang is wide connect technician of company of vehicle maintenance and repair to say, qiu Dong basically should consider to change to the car lube and antifreeze.

Generally speaking, the lube of gasoline engine divides SE-SL 5 level, quality scale jumps over in the future taller, its lubricity is better also. Every car has the lube level that it sets, when choosing lube, the order and degree that cannot provide under manufacturer place commonly. In the meantime, lukewarm impact of lube be deceived is bigger, summer because temperature is high, the viscosity of lube can be reduced, and arrived in the winter, because air temperature is reduced, plus longer use time hind, original lube can become ropy. Accordingly, qiu Dong season should choose to change to the car the winter lube with good liquidity. Otherwise, the lube that becomes stiff is after be heated, its fight oxygen sex to become poor, allow easy metamorphism, can cause car engine gear to be held in the arms dead even wait for a phenomenon.

Additional, winter should the water in seasonable dropt cistern, convert antifreeze. The car that using antifreeze all the time as to those advocate, want to notice to see antifreeze whether expire, because the use cycle of antifreeze is two years commonly. When if antifreeze loss crosses big need,be being added, want to notice to add same brand, do not mix with.

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