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Dimension study at school is done not have " game is regular " illicit car is re
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Be the same as with the paragraph model the car is only differ because of the name brand that hang, buy when maintenance same kind fittings encountered different quote however. This one phenomenon already made an open secret in car fast study at school. The amount of car of “ illicit home already exceeded a taxi aloof, can repair inn boss or should raise a sword evil slaughter! ” yesterday, car of Nanjing illicit home advocate the wrong thing that ground of anger of Mr Wang anger told him to encounter to the reporter.

The reporter investigates trade of steam cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine on the spot

Mr Wang is the white-collar of head of a 30 annual expenditure. He bought a Sangdana last year 2000 model car. Not long ago, mr Wang drives clutch feels in road piece gave dot issue, turn over a piece of car to write the calling card of inn quickly from the car. After the phone puts through, mouth of a staff member asks Mr Wang is fair car, illicit car or taxi. After Mr Wang listens, be stupefied, then nominal took a heart, those who pretend oneself leave is a taxi. Immediately of the other side says “ changes a clutch piece 280 yuan of ” . Can drive the car to repair inn quickly to ask to change when Mr Wang clutch a short while, what the staff member sees the car is hanged is brand of illicit home number, the mouth is about 400 yuan, and do not include man-hour cost. Mr Wang can'ts help feeling puzzled, the car of same type, how do illicit home car and taxi have two kinds of salary unexpectedly?

So, whether does the condition that says like Mr Wang place exist in real life? Yesterday, reporter invite teach of rental driver Dong Shi, opening a nimble to amount to a taxi, visit Nanjing to count an inn of vehicle maintenance and repair. Afternoon 2 when make, fu Kai car comes to reporter and Dong Shi to this city big bright road steam builds a market. The reporter builds store first, car of home of illicit of surname of a Liu advocate the Sangdana that repairing him in this inn 2000 cars. Mr Liu tells a reporter, he is changing clutch piece. If “ is changed to 4S inn if, at least of the cost when cost of raw materials is machined wants 559 yuan, arrive to build store quickly 400 yuan can get weigh in hand. One face satisfies ” Mr Liu. Nevertheless, the teach of driver Dong Shi that travels together with the reporter the face before Mr Liu, the taxi that asks inn-keeper him also should change deputy clutch piece. The quote of inn-keeper lets Mr Liu immediately discharge gas. “280 yuan! ” inn-keeper is blurted out.

Subsequently, the reporter comes to near garden of this city egret the name is inn of vehicle maintenance and repair of ” of “ Ji Long in, reporter with illicit home car advocate the identity and staff member chat rise. The reporter asks: Does “ nimble amount to a car to change a headlight assembly how to many money want? ” staff member (looked a reporter up and down) answer: Illicit home car or other what car is what you open “ ? ” reporter: “ is illicit home car. ” staff member: “ more than 100 of the factory, more than 60 of deputy factory. ” reporter: Is “ too expensive? ” staff member: “ does not calculate this expensive, you if not invoice is returned but again a bit cheaper. ” is counted after minute, inn inquiry is maintained toward this before Dong Shi teach drives, the quote that the other side gives out is 80 yuan mix 50 yuan.
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