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Dimension study at school is done not have " game is regular " illicit car is re
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Later, when the reporter asks 3 alliance garages of Nanjing with same way, the taxi of the unified model that staff member of the other side gives out and value of maintenance of illicit home car are consistent, quote nevertheless all prep above builds store quickly more than 100 yuan. The reporter learns in interview, their quote is according to " norm of man-hour of Nanjing city vehicle maintenance and repair " the regulation will declare, no matter be taxi or illicit home car, use different material quoted price according to different model only. And is the professional 4S shop that makes vehicle maintenance and repair likewise what kind of? The 4S inn chief of car of masses of a Shanghai says self-confidently: “ and car repair chain store appearance quickly to compare, our advantage is apparent. Maintain a system above all perfect, sheet is to examine to 3 close. Next technical force and equipment are reliable, still having is quality of car a replacement has assure. We can assume the maintenance job with tall difficulty, and these just are the inferior position that builds store quickly. ” of course, to the price of ——— of soft costal region of 4S inn, he explains to us for “ here repairs a car to want to make an appointment, the great majority that come is car of advanced illicit home advocate, and those ‘ feet do not touch ground ’ taxi advocate it is the ” that won't come commonly.

This controller tells a reporter, at present domestic car maintains service market is in dispersive state, besides 4S inn, very much fast long station, individual steam repairs a factory to also offer a car to maintain service. Not quite professional car maintains often short of maintains duely level, but average car advocate do not know absolutely, what can see is to maintain only the price of the service. And 4S inn also won't worry about passenger source for this, because if these cars advocate do not deliver the car by regulation and flow maintain, with respect to waiver happen inside maintenance period after damaging, 4S inn gives compensatory right.

The personage inside course of study analyses price random reason

The quote that to taxi and illicit home the car differs two kinds, a personage inside course of study analysed a reason to the reporter, car maintenance market appears this kind is confused, the most important is regular without “ game ” . Plus adept with dilettante cent, taxi advocate compare commonly adept, the prices that builds the market to steam compares understanding, the car gives trouble can seasonable judgement is big mistake or indisposition, avoid not to know a condition and endure slaughter. Additional, the taxi is general need not the fittings of the factory, of deputy factory or be general fittings makes do with. And illicit home car stresses one-time investment normally, like to choose factory fittings, avoid the trouble that repairs repeatedly. Accordingly, the repair rate of illicit home car is inferior, steam cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine sees one slaughters.
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