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The car also is afraid of cold: Winter maintains should have done
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Broad love car a group of things with common features people, winter is about to come, remind everybody to do good change garments according to the season to maintain, to your love the car has profit greatly. Here I offer a simple program for a few novices, if have small accident,still ask point out mistakes so that they can be corrected.

1, about the note of oil of water and electricity: A, change antifreeze, do not use inferior bargain, had better use the brand that the automobile factory recommends and tab. Change conduit (warm especially geomantic canal) , winter authority wants sirocco, at this moment all summer unused warms wind canal begins the work, if be not changed, very incidental slack incident. The examination kisses implement (thermostat) , the job is regular. After changing antifreeze, discharge empty cooling water please. The pressurization on lid of additional external water tank, the test is slack; B, maintain storage battery love a car, inspect additional electricity water (distilled water) , head of picket of clean storage battery (bit of butter is added on picket head, winter produces electric arc oxide easily) ; C, change engine oil, best use prep above recommends the engine oil of grade, time-out uses engine oil additive.
2, accessory part note: A, maintain carburettor, this starts hard to cold car have positive effect, B, motor had better maintain, can start a problem hard to your cold car to have an inactive help so. C, check sparkplug, can change change, cleanness divides flame. Of only place eject should dredge vacuum device. D, in process of winter drive a vehicle, open cold air conditioning at least, can lengthen compressor of your air conditioning so the life of 20 % . E, change cotton makes seating and cloth with soft nap make crural cushion, can be so in winter travel, more comfortable, sweeter. F, silk of electric heat of the window after the examination is effective (the individual thinks it doesn't matter is used) . G, change or clean filter of air conditioning a place with a draught, health is the most important. H, check lamplight in the round, the pluvial mist weather in the winter is much, safe forever the first.
I, examination rain is blown, if need changes with blow glue, rain blows Shui Zhongtian to add rain to blow water, drive goodly the premise that the line of sight is safety.
J, the examination is tire decorative pattern, baric, winter weather freezes coldly, the ability seizing the ground of tire is attached most importance to especially should.
Above is pure belong to individual experience, did not ask according to the standard of JT / T201-95.

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