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Accumulator is used with the error in safeguarding
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Accumulator is the nerve center of car circuit, its function stand or fall affects the regular job of car directly. But because have some of car advocate reach maintenance technician to accumulator use safeguard do not understand or ignored, cause accumulator thereby inchoate attaint, damage even other and electric equipment.

Error 1: Accumulator charge capacity and engine do not match
Mix according to engine type use condition is reasonable the charge capacity that chooses accumulator, it is the economy that improves accumulator, extend one of important ways of its service life. When the engine that start, the electricity that accumulator exports is very big, achieve 150 ~ 200A commonly, in microtherm (- 10 ℃ ) the electricity that when starting, exports is to be as high as 250 ~ 300A more. If accumulator charge capacity and engine do not match, accumulator charge capacity slants small, when starting block muscularity, the accumulator of small charge capacity falls in the circumstance of acuteness discharge, certainly will quickens active material and the vitriolic reaction inside unit time, make accumulator temperature elevatory, plate bends because of excess load, the result causes active material to fall off in great quantities, plate is inchoate attaint, make accumulator life shortens greatly thereby. If accumulator charge capacity slants big, although won't appear afore-mentioned problems, but cannot make full use of its active material, make accumulator economy falls. Because of the charge capacity of this accumulator, must match with engine photograph. Normally the choice of accumulator charge capacity, should use engine power, voltage and the bear of the equipment that use phone according to opening and calm.

Error 2: Accumulator paralell connection is mixed with
Some cars advocate when starting engine, because original accumulator puts electric inadequacy, with respect to on paralell connection one the accumulator of enough electricity is used jointly. Actually the accumulator of enough electricity meets paralell connection hind charge to the accumulator of the inadequacy that put report with very big charging current, cause plate active material extremely easily to fall off so, affect its service life. The starting electricity with the very great opportunity that start can be not provided after accumulator is shunt-wound at the same time, more go against engine start. The accumulator that accurate method ought to be an inadequacy that put report is torn open below, change the storage battery of enough electricity, next restart engine.

Error 3: Ignore height of electrolyte fluid face
Fluid face height should check accumulator electrolyte regularly. If electrolyte amount is insufficient, can bring about plate upside and air interface vulcanization, reduce the charge size of accumulator, shorten its service life. Be in commonly half month should be checked 1 times in the winter, yi Zheng of high temperature water sends summer, answer to be checked 1 times every week. Height of electrolyte fluid face is net of tower above plate commonly 10 ~ 15mm. Most now accumulator has height of electrolyte fluid face to go up on crust, floor level mark, so electrolyte fluid face should be only inside formulary limits can. To the maintenance-free storage battery that uses extensively at present, although use in do not need to add distilled water, but also should combine a car to safeguard an examination regularly height of electrolyte fluid face, when according with a requirement, should undertake adjustment.
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