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Accumulator is used with the error in safeguarding
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Error 4: Add distilled water at will
Safeguard daily in accumulator in, when electrolyte is insufficient, should fill commonly add distilled water. But sometimes because occurrence break of accumulator housing damaged or lid of the aperture that add juice are buckled,electrolyte decreases is lax make electrolyte leak and cause. And some cars advocate because accumulator housing damaged or other reason cause electrolyte leak,when often checking fluid face height, distinguishing carelessly is, still be normal loss, want to discover fluid face reduces electrolyte to add distilled water only, the result causes electrolyte density to be reduced apparently, make accumulator cannot work normally.
Return some vehicles advocate often add distilled water after stopping a car, the distilled water that adds as a result cannot mix adequately with accumulator former electrolyte, make accumulator produces proper motion discharge or attaint accumulator plate extremely easily consequently, still can cause accumulator in freezing area local and frozen, affect the service life of accumulator. Conversely, if accumulator gives to add distilled water before dispatch a vehicle, because the car is in travel,the dynamo charges to accumulator ceaselessly, former electrolyte is sufficient inside the distilled water that can make add and accumulator mix, accumulator function won't suffer an effect, because this answers to add distilled water before dispatch a vehicle, and unfavorable distilled water is added after stopping a car.

Error 5: Add electrolyte at will
In car use process, after often encountering accumulator to use period of time, give existent report to density of insufficient, electrolyte is reduced or be short of the phenomenon of water. Some cars advocate the specifications that does not know accumulator, think to want to add electrolyte to be able to make its restore working ability only by accident. Little imagine, such meetings bring about accumulator electrolyte density to lift ceaselessly, this not only can make its internal resistance increases, upright voltage drops quickly, and still can increase because of electrolyte viscosity, permeate ability to become poor, make accumulator charge capacity is reduced. In use process, electrolyte density is reduced is not vitriolic used up, however as discharge undertake, put n reduce, vitriolic step by step transition arrives on two plate, build vitriolic lead with active material, make electrolyte density is reduced, discharge is more electrolyte density is smaller. Accordingly, when accumulator electrolyte density drops, answer to undertake in time complementing charging to accumulator, do not add electrolyte at will.

Error 6: Before adding electrolyte, clean with distilled water
The accumulator after leaving factory is already complete accord with use requirement, new storage battery is cleaned with distilled water before adding electrolyte is to be done not have completely necessary, this can create the waste of goods and materials and man-hour not only, and the distilled water of infiltration plate interior, can attenuant electrolyte, make electrolyte density decreases, affect accumulator to use efficiency thereby. To the accumulator after repair, before use applied electrolyte is cleaned.
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