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Accumulator is used with the error in safeguarding
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Error 7: Accumulator does not undertake complementing charging
Some cars advocate the complement that constant negligence uses car storage battery to be in charges. Charge on board as a result of accumulator not complete, easy cause plate vulcanization; In the meantime, in use is filled, the n of discharge is lopsided, if discharge is more than charge and make accumulator is in short report state for a long time, accumulator plate is met slowly vulcanization. This kind of chronic vulcanization, can make accumulator charge capacity is reduced ceaselessly, until start faint, shorten greatly the service life of accumulator. Get to make the active material on accumulator plate seasonable reductive, reduce plate vulcanization, increase accumulator charge size, prolong its service life, undertake complementing charging regularly to answering in the accumulator that use a car.

Error 8: Accumulator charges too
Accumulator often excessive charges, although charging current is not big, but electrolyte is long “ boiling ” , fall off easily besides the petty grain of active substance appearance outside, still can make bar wears beyond the mark oxidation, cause active material and bar to wear come off loose.

Error 9: The accumulator series connection of distinct size is used
The accumulator of distinct size cannot establish ties use. When because of two capacities different accumulator series is used, often can make allow hidebound accumulator to excessive charges or discharge, shorten consequently the service life of accumulator.

Error 10: New old storage battery mixes use
The storage battery that can use to let return makes full use of, often produce the appearance that series connection of new old storage battery uses. Little imagine, this kind of practice can shorten the service life of new storage battery. Because, because new storage battery is chemical reaction material is more, upright voltage is taller, internal resistance is lesser; And old accumulator carries voltage inferior, internal resistance is greater. Internal resistance of general 12V new storage battery is 0.015 ~ 0.018Ω , the internal resistance of old accumulator is in more however 0.085Ω above. If series connection of will new old storage battery is mixed,use, so charging below condition, old accumulator of two end charge new storage battery of voltage general prep above of two end charge voltage, the result causes new storage battery to had be notted be full of, and old accumulator is already exorbitant; And fall in discharge condition, the size that compares old accumulator as a result of the capacity of new storage battery is large, the result causes discharge of old accumulator excessive, cause old accumulator reversal even. Accordingly, accumulator cannot new old series is mixed with, also should not be will new when repairing accumulator likewise batteries of old only style is mixed outfit.

Error 11: Negligence accumulator covers the dredge of blowhole
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