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Accumulator is used with the error in safeguarding
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The alveolus on accumulator lid is to be used send out of accumulator interior gas, these gas are to charging what arise in the process is combustible hydric with combustion-supporting oxygen. If ignore the dredge of blowhole, can create blowhole block, the quantity of heat of the generation when making accumulator reacts in chemistry is amiable body nowhere sends out, cause accumulator temperature and pressure to lift, cause accumulator explosion even. Accordingly, in be safeguarded daily, should notice dredge is stomatic, prevent dirty content to jam.

Error 12: Electrolyte fluid side has been jumped over higher
A lot of cars advocate it is good to think electrolyte fluid face jumps over Gao Yue, adding to accumulator so note electrolyte (or fill add distilled water) when, to its fluid face discretion often accepts peace tall not small wrong way, think such won't because be short of electrolyte (or distilled water) and malfunctioned. Electrolyte is actually exorbitant, mix in car travel charge in the process, electrolyte spills over very easily from the blowhole on accumulator lid and gather on the lid, make accumulator is built go up, negative pole column connects and make return circuit, cause discharge of accumulator proper motion, corrode accumulator terminal. Accordingly, adding when noting electrolyte, the technology that should accord with accumulator asks (general electrolyte the height of fluid face should tower above plate defends net 10 ~ 15mm) .

Error 13: Electrolyte density has been jumped over greatly more
A lot of cars advocate think, electrolyte density is bigger, the discharge rate of accumulator is lower, the upright voltage of accumulator is taller, charge size is larger, and can prevent winter freeze bad accumulator, when adjusting electrolyte density consequently, make prep above of primitive electrolyte density provides a value not only, and need to fill in be used normally when adding distilled water, also be used to fill the electrolyte that increases a few different density, the result makes electrolyte density higher and higher. Actually this is a kind of wrong way. Because, electrolyte density serves as a when measure accumulator discharge level important sign, had been premise certainly with primitive electrolyte density, fill the electrolyte that increases different density, mean the density that increases former electrolyte only, although measure gotten electrolyte density to also cannot explain its discharge rate is low higher; Raising electrolyte density to be able to raise accumulator to carry voltage and charge capacity also is of relative to character, besides electrolyte density passes to still can cause plate vulcanization and clapboard to corrode greatly wait for a variety of problems, make accumulator service life is reduced. Accordingly, peace of electrolyte density “ is big not the course of action of small ” is not desirable, ought to adjust appropriately by the regulation electrolyte density. Fluid face is reduced, can fill only below normal circumstance add distilled water (because of electrolyte use up be water actually normally) , wait for the fluid area that create to reduce because of leakage truly only, just can fill add electrolyte of certain pH indicator.
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