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Accumulator is used with the error in safeguarding
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Error 14: New storage battery does not undertake the first time charge
Of accumulator charge first call the first time charge, the first time charge to have huge effect to the service life of accumulator. If charge bad, criterion accumulator capacity is not high, life is brief also; If charge excessive, criterion although the electric function of accumulator is still good, but the likelihood shortened its life. So new storage battery the first time charge should scrupulous.

Error 15: Maintenance-free batteries does not undertake the first time charge
Because maintenance-free does batteries of carry on one's shoulder to employ low alloy or plumbic calcic alloy, set catalytic loop plant inside accumulator, make the loss of water decreases greatly thereby, general 12 months do not need 8 ~ add water, change an agent through losing plate macerate block at the same time (wait for tristearin acid like boric acid glycerine) , course steam or vacuum are dry, can make plate group saves the charge that its get in production process for a long time below dry state, charge namely dry plate. Press demand of operation instruction handbook, if need to use,batteries of dry carry on one's shoulder is in inside 2 years of storage life of the regulation, want fill to lay aside 15min into the electrolyte that provides thickness only, do not need initial charge to be able to be thrown use. But the difference as a result of craft level, the maintenance-free cell that some manufacturer produce still lacks catalytic loop device, still be in little maintenance position, accordingly, to increase the power supply size of accumulator, still should undertake to maintenance-free accumulator 5 ~ 8h charges had better.

Error 16: Do not discharge before maintaining accumulator
Accumulator anode board the active material that go up is PbO2, its physics property is very loose, if do not discharge before maintaining accumulator, so become a positive electrode board from pulling out in accumulator, can cause active material to fall off; To losing plate character, its active material is Pb, expose be oxidized easily also in air. If discharge first before maintaining accumulator, criterion two plate surface all can generate an accumulator PbSO4, make the intensity of positive electrode board is strengthened, negative plate also gets protective.

Error 17: Mains switch installation is carried in accumulator front line
A little homebred car did not install mains switch when leave factory, for safety and convenient, some drive, maintenance technician edge is added installed a hand to use battery main switch, but add erroneously however outfit was in on end of accumulator front line, did not have the effect that be on guard not only, and can cause new insecure element. Mains switch has installation to be carried in the line that take iron only, ability has safe effect truly.
When is above the mistake of easy generation in use accumulator, should cause those who make the member that servantchoose a person for a job enough to take seriously, undertake strictly operating according to the use requirement of accumulator, avoid afore-mentioned wrong happening.
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