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The car maintains tenet: Raise 7 minutes, repair 3 minutes
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The car maintains project amount is various, car advocate the attention is abided by " maintain manual " , especially a few items that are ignored easily, want to give new knowledge.

If be opposite a few years early car advocate talk maintain idea, car advocate feel this is “ fussily ” certainly, money became much not was in make. Really, the car previously is to must wait for car be out of order to perhaps anchor, ability can be sent plant of manage of attend in a advanced studies. But arrived today, illicit home car becomes market leading role gradually, car advocate maintain the idea also is built subsequently. Although do not fall ill,resemble a person, like also can doing the body to check regularly, the idea that raises 3 minutes 7 minutes to repair ” with car “ is increasingly thorough also popular feeling.

This period the reporter brings Guangzhou city service station of limited company of car of United States annulus grows Mr Liang Guowei, to everybody introduction car maintains on the project easy by the car advocate the link of negligence and detail, so that give a car advocate raise a car to carry wake.

New car maintains should do sufficient

Major car advocate was in head protect period, the metropolis regulation according to manufacturer, go service station of engage by special arrangement goes doing maintain, because, most car manufacturer was executed to new car head defend the privilege that changes engine oil freely. If Shanghai is general,assure in quality period meeting offers free engine oil and Qing Dynasty of engine oil filter 4 times to change freely service. But also have the car with less amount to advocate, both neither seeks advice to the staff member, also do not look " maintain manual " , also have so miss a case that defend.

Because be new car, car advocate miss head protect, just also be engine oil blackens, soil a few, won't cause the consequence with serious what, but Liang Guowei or proposal car advocate had better do head protect, because new car is in,close position, of mechanical component adjust, can taller to lube demand, do a sense that maintain to depending on this.

60 thousand kilometer of 4 — changes brake piece

Opposite for, 2 protect appear very important. The project involves system of engine, automatic gear-box, air conditioning, change system, braking system all, pensile system, automobile body to the 8 much such as part, tire amount to 63 projects detect with safeguard, in addition, still include qualitative check trial run. Visible course love a car is so various detect with after safeguarding, whole vehicle besides apparent meeting enters groove, the safety performance of drive a vehicle got best safeguard quite. Choose now among them a few priority discipline try to introduce.

Brake piece generally speaking, to 4 — when car travel 60 thousand kilometer was about to change, be used to bad car to driving advocate for, change the journey can shorten accordingly. Like the car advocate see ahead red light, do not receive oil to be cheered instead, method pulling stop is adopted to await green light discharged later, belong to this kind of habit. In addition, if car advocate do not become the word that maintain, with respect to cannot seasonable discovery brake skin attenuates or be worn away completely.
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