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The car maintains tenet: Raise 7 minutes, repair 3 minutes
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If tatty brake skin did not change in time, force of car apply the brake can drop gradually, menace arrives car advocate safe, and undercarriage of Buddhist templeput on the brakes also can be ground bad, car advocate upkeep costs soars accordingly. It is in order to fasten a gram exemple, if change brake skin, charge needs 563 yuan only, but if connect undercarriage of Buddhist templeput on the brakes damaged also word, integral charge will achieve 1081 yuan.

Notice tire wears away mark

The 2 tire that protect maintain a project in, having among them is tire conversion. The dimensions of the spare wheel of the car that fasten a gram and tire is very different, dimension slants small, because of this, still made a joke. Liang Guowei once had recieved a such clients, blame ” of agency “ perpetrate a fraud, tyre of a motor appropriative car embryo comes kite.

Spare wheel is used below emergency, car advocate should change its standard tire as soon as possible. this kind of characteristic as a result of spare wheel, do not overcome a car to did not use other model spare wheel and tire to have the method of circular conversion so, however conversion of 4 tire diagonal. The purpose is to make of tire wear away more average, prolong its service life.

Additional, tire safeguards a project to still include to adjust atmospheric pressure. To fetal pressing, car advocate but cannot despise, if fetal pressing is exorbitant, wear away easily of tread mid. Those who be worth to remind is, measure an embryo to if do not depend on barometer,be pressed, car advocate it is very difficult range estimation is accurate.

Tire is used daily even problem of a few detail. If notice an embryo grain and wear away be apart from between the mark, be apart from generally speaking in 2 — less than of 3 m m should change new tyre. Be like again, tire is plunged into, if be sidewall place, car advocate ten million cannot believe what one hears writes inn proposal quickly, have filling embryo, and should change an embryo instantly, otherwise sequential will very serious. Because sidewall is very thin, car weigh force will not bear after repairing, incidental become flat.

3 case of “ ” changes should diligent

The fuel filter core that 3 case ” says “ normally namely, air filter core reachs core of engine oil filter, be in 2 in protecting engine to maintain a project, most one of first is to change 3 case, the purpose is for detersive engine oil and fuel of course, protect the normal movement of engine thereby.

If car advocate insist not to change “ the word of 3 case ” , the power that loves a car will be affected more or less. Be like fuel standard, if benzine filters bad, probable meeting causes nozzle to jam. So car chief commander costs what more charge have spray head to clean. And if the word of engine oil soil, the situation is very bad also. Because the action of engine oil is lubricant not merely, it still is had clean, cooling, reduce noise, sealed wait for action.
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