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The car maintains tenet: Raise 7 minutes, repair 3 minutes
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Ball head shakes an influence to change direction

Check horizontal pull rod and ball head to whether damage, it is a when change a system to maintenance project serious content.

Ball head becomes loose, journey of steering wheel freedom greatens, hit direction to become not accurate. If car advocate if not was aware the problem is in, circumstance development comes finally, once ball head falls off, the car loses way completely. If be in with high speed travel, sequential seriousness canned be imagined.

Lamplight examination enhances security of drive a vehicle

Unless be before the lamplight breakdown that headlight perhaps loves a car to have luxurious car displays a function, otherwise brake lamp and turn to lamp occurrence problem, car advocate oneself are very difficult discovery.

Change the lamp and stop light to the importance on safety of drive a vehicle, believe to need not introduce, everybody also can understand.

Anyhow, love what the car has major to maintain, car advocate open a car to also be met more be at ease. Drive oneself in holiday especially swim or run long-distance before, car advocate best can do maintain or check. Beautiful at ordinary times penny is done maintain, discover a problem in time and solve a problem, can prevent car to give big mistake; Additional, car advocate maintain attentively the service life that also can prolong car.

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