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Common problem asks Xiali car with answer
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Engine portion

Every time before drive a vehicle, should check engine cooling fluid to reach already some quantities, ensure no risk at all of drive a vehicle
After the car is started, remember seasonable loose apply the brake and loosen after all, avoid to produce dry clash
Check the effect of apply the brake of hand brake regularly, the car sneaks away on slope in case

Common problem: Is lamp of knowledge of trouble of the engine inside engine appearance long how to shine to do?
That is the admonitory hint that engine ECU gives a driver, explain engine controls a system to have a problem at that time, want to get on for maintenance station to repair, the love car that is you by professional technical staff undertakes repairing.

Daily attention: Maintain the cleanness inside engine cabin, should change in time by the service instruction of car 3 filter, the life love a car that is helpful for you and car are qualitative, if you are conditional, often can take air filter blow blow clean, assure to be lighted for nothing those who compare is accurate. Want to often check storage battery voltage, want to make the electrolyte inside storage battery is between standard graduation mark.

Common breakdown:

1. Engine shakes
The idle that TJ7101 engine can pass tone to enrage door upside successively fast adjust bolt to adjust idle fast, but the hour that should notice to adjust, after roll of engine electron fan stops, go adjusting again, till engine is stable.

2. TJ7101 electron fan often turns
Can check enter the water lukewarm sensor and with water Wen Chuangan implement associated wiring harness

3. Idle fast flabby
Can examine the system that take energy of life, fuel system reachs its ignition system

4. Waste oil
In car in daily travel, the driver always has sensory car to waste oil, we come to an analysis below, via going in nightly travel, car should be compared at ordinary times fuel wastage wants by day big, because nightly drive a vehicle wants a headlight. Summertime drive a vehicle opens wastage of air conditioning fuel big. High-power sound box also can increase bad news oil to measure. Drive a vehicle is one-way the space is little, also can increase fuel to use up. Above is belonged to use up normally.

Abnormal oily bad news
Can check sparkplug clearance: TJ7101:1.0~1.1mm, TJ7131:0.7~0.8mm
Also can check sparkplug electrode color: Ashen or ash is advisable
Ignition when want to check
If your car age bigger, also be necessary to check a crock to press

5. Cannot start
The relevant line that checks electric equipment of relevant insurance, aircraft and rotate speed sensor fast with clearance
Chassis part
About clutch
When the car starts, clutch union wants smooth, when jockey and shifting gear, clutch depart wants rapid and complete. The foot when normal travel should not walk on clutch pedal pad.
Should use apply the brake and accelerator to control speed, forbidden use the method that steps on clutch pedal pad to make clutch is in half union position to control speed. Such meeting aggravate clutch chafe piece wear away, shorten greatly its service life.
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