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Common problem asks Xiali car with answer
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Avoid by all means steps on next clutch pedal pad, expect current signal.

About shifting gear

When engine cannot run, should change in time cheap, lest engine overload.
Run with top rotate speed to prevent engine, should change in time high-grade. Such conducing to reduce oily bad news and noise.

About apply the brake

Often must check height of brake fluid face.
Class of the JG4 in GB GB10830 or add those who close FMVSS DOT4 level is qualitative use liquid. And the brake fluid of different brand is forbidden mix with.
Make rotor newly must be passed adjust, inside initial 200km it does not have efficiency of best apply the brake, after changing to make rotor newly so, should notice control speed is not exorbitant.

About tire

Answer to often check tyre pressure, do not answer exorbitant or too low. If atmospheric pressure is too low, travel resistance will be too great and change direction heavy, increase oily bad news and tire to wear away, and be in meet when high speed travel continuously had brought about cent because of the excessive denaturation of tire to give out heat, make craze of tire decorative pattern, serious when bring about become flat. If atmospheric pressure is exorbitant, take the effect comfortable sex, and shorten the service life of around suspension shock absorber.
Often inspect the wear out condition of tread, of tire unusual wear away, slant grind a likelihood to make bodywork the report of other share issue, once discover afore-mentioned circumstances, all get on for Tianjin one case please station of maintenance of engage by special arrangement has the overhaul, identification, lest cause serious consequence.

Air conditioning part

1.Of condenser maintain
Xiali taxi is multiplied carry rate is high, operation time is long. Have in travel winged insect, sundry reach dust to be being touched go up in condenser, cause air cannot ground of large flow, high rate passes condenser, bring about condensation efficiency to drop, high-pressured lateral pressure is elevatory, not only consume more power, still can cause electromagnetism clutch abnormal movements, reduce refrigeration effect, affect air conditioning efficiency. Be aimed at this one problem, often should undertake condenser clear. Applied water from in side is rinsed outside the winged insect that is blocked up between radiating tube and carbon fin on condenser, sundry, reoccupy compresses air from in side outside aspiration, heat up the effect with restoring to come loose.

2.Condenser fan electric machinery contains the examination of the line easily
Because Yi Rong traditional thread binding is on the anode of storage battery, vitriolic vapour has to its corrode action. Accordingly, often must check, clear
Give when necessary change.

3.The examination of tensile force of compressor drive leather belt
If drive leather belt is too close, can be electromagnetism clutch shaft bear inchoate wear away, not only can cause bearing abnormal knocking, and electromagnetism clutch piece skid, make clutch temperature elevatory, coil burn down. But drive leather belt is too loose, can cause leather belt to skid again. This notices to adjust with respect to need, when the operation, leather belt tension should be in bring to bear on when 10kgf, deflection TJ7101 with 6~8mm advisable, TJ7131 with 10~12mm advisable.
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