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Common problem asks Xiali car with answer
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4.Air conditioning does the inspection of 3 groups of on stringer board 2 groups of switch, adjusting rod
The loop of air conditioning air current and take a breath, it is to pass 3 groups of adjusting rod to part pilot. Thermoregulation lever is shut through pulling a line to come to those who change air door leave, then changes air current way, achieve all sorts of different air conditioning operating mode. Gentle of Xiali car air conditioning is offerred angrily use unified fan electric machinery to send wind to achieve adjust airy purpose. So, control pull rod should shift gear freely, slippery fast, do not fall off, there cannot be an eyewinker to block dead air door and fan part when slide. Xiali warms wind radiator did not take the control of water valve, so, the switch of air door is attached most importance to especially should, otherwise, will make sirocco part is shut lax, make wind of changes in temperature mixes, reduce or destroy refrigeration efficiency. So, should make control often maintains partly in regular job status.

5.Xiali air conditioning implement the adjustment of automata circuit
In dominating circuit, the change of rotate speed, temperature, pressure all can bring about air conditioning implement the change of working state, before reason is used, mix in using, want to notice at any time. Like air conditioning implement cannot work normally, want an examination to adjust rotate speed of depart of clutch of amplifier electrify magnetism to adjust button and air conditioning to raise fast a powerful person or family above all (TJ7101, 1100±50rpm)
① idle fast spatio-temporal attune implement cannot start, clutch of the electromagnetism after quickening just is sucked close. Because detached rotate speed is exorbitant,this is or air conditioning carries fast a powerful person to adjust undeserved, should make engine rotate speed raises 1100±50rpm (TJ7101) , clutch of electromagnetism of the compressor after rotate speed rises still is not sucked close, ying Shunshi needle rotates the detached rotate speed of air conditioning amplifier adjusts button, till electromagnetism clutch is sucked normally,close till.
When ② engine bear is increased, if electromagnetism clutch cannot depart in time, engine is possible flameout. Because detached rotate speed adjusts undeserved be caused by,this is. Right now, should anticlockwise rotate the detached rotate speed on air conditioning amplifier adjusts button, make engine is when 800rpm, electromagnetism clutch as it happens is detached, can work normally namely.

6.Refrigeration agent R134a fills the examination that pours an amount
Refrigeration agent R134a is filled in the system pour an amount overmuch or too little, all can affect refrigeration result. Cross effect of refrigeration of little short of; Overmuch meeting makes pressure exorbitant, can raise the negative charge of engine engine, make oily cost raises, still can cause relief valve open, make a system medium R134a leak, if cause R134a to measure inadequacy to should complement in time as a result of leak or other reason, in fill personnel operation should be operated by major when noting R134a, systematic sum fills the TJ7101 that pour an amount, TJ7131 to be 480g±15g, CA7136 is 420g±30g.
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