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Common problem asks Xiali car with answer
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7. If do not use air conditioning, be in below the circumstance with ventilated window, when high speed travel wind block can increase, also can make oily bad news increases.

Electric equipment part

1. Must use the fuse that accords with a regulation, forbidden the silk that use copper or other tinsel are replaced
2. Ban electrical wiring of sliver of do sth without authorization, optional connection is other lest wiring causes voltaic overload component of burned-out electric equipment

Fog lamp switch

After the headlight before opening, the fog lamp after ability can be opened, fog lamp switch is in after panel wrong lower part.


Change when bulb, must put out switch, changing bulb power is worth should with original identical.

Change fuse

Pull out with fuse implement pull out fuse, the fuse that changes value of new identical electric current next can
1. If fuse is burned, want to find out a reason, remove trouble. Change new fuse again next
2. The capacity that uses fuse must accord with formulary requirement.
3. Before repair, can the negative pole of pick off accumulator
Proposal driver is had a fuse, serve as lash-up to use.


If cross big electric current to be poured out of from accumulator anode, fuse will be burned. Accordingly, fuse has the effect of “ of “ relief valve, prevent fire happening. If fuse is burned, should stand to maintenance immediately or repair sectional overhaul.

Check accumulator

Examination accumulator connect has deny corrode or join is disloyal, accumulator carapace has damaged, accumulator secures card to whether become loose.
1. Before overhauling electrical system, must pull down the negative pole of accumulator
2. When overhauling accumulator, must not allow tool or other metal thing the electrode short circuit accumulator. Short circuit can cause accumulator very fast overheat, cause hazard even or explode.

Check accumulator electrolyte

Because evaporate, the electrolyte of accumulator is met drop off, should examine electrolyte fluid aspect every months.
True electrolyte extent should be between upper limit and floor level. If electrolyte fluid area is too small, should add distilled water to upper limit.
1. Do not let surface of skin of bring into contact with of accumulator acerbity fluid, eye, fabric and lacquer definitely.
2. Once eye and skin came up against accumulator acerbity fluid, should rinse 15 minutes of above with cold water immediately, and seek doctor treatment immediately.
3. Do not expose accumulator in the place that has bright fire or electric spark, otherwise, the hydric meeting that accumulator produces produces explosion.
4. If of your car equipment is maintenance-free accumulator, the observation hole that you can get on through batteries and demonstrative designation determine its position, whether the decision undertakes charging or update new battery.
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