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Abroad Che Youxiang solves Feiyate Grande Punto
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Feiyate Grande

Feiyate library of plan of configuration of Grande Punto(parameter)


Punto model is a very popular model all the time, since its replaced Uno model 1993 sales volume had exceeded 6 million. The curve with Punto bold avant-courier design caused the attention of youth, middleaged person and old purchaser, at the same time its price all the time very competitive also, sales volume is very additionally good also. As its Clio of main competitor Reynolds, punto style is special and unique design makes it is compared other a lot of mainstreams exceed confuse you the model is more conspicuous.

This Punto model is with Ou Bao / Wokesihaoer's Corsa grinds together those who send -- this is one lets general the plan that the associated in advance with Feiyate ends, but Feiyate says two models used 30% collective cell only, two models are common only motherboard, pensile system, hold accuse component and picture heat and ventilated wait for a system. These respects got be adjustmented of Feiyate further, at the same time this Punto model is having the feature of as general as its twin extraordinary.

Feiyate call model of this new series " Grande Punto " -- size of its automobile body had very big growth, also distinguish the model before Yu Zhi additionally. On the other hand, the adornment of Grande Punto, deploy and polishing also has a lot of choices, still have a lot of features that can offer an alternative additionally, all modern life equipment that distribute place of stock nowadays car to have.

In engine respect, feiyate chooses to have for what Grande Punto offers: Gasoline engine of 1.4 litres of of gasoline engine of 1.2 litres of of 65 Bhp 8 a powerful person and 77 Bhp 8 a powerful person and 4 accord with Europe the 4 derv engine that discharge a standard: The new fund of engine of derv of 1.9 litres of of 120 Bhp and 130 Bhp many jet-propelled and 75 Bhp and 90 Bhp 1.3 litres of many jet-propelled engine of derv of 16 a powerful person. Still have model of edition of a motion additionally, those who deploy is gasoline engine of money of pressure boost of 1.4 litres of turbine. The gas that model of Abarth of a when roll out later money that lift a back provides and the motivation that derv engine outputs are as high as 220 Bhp.

Feiyate Grande

Grande Punto(parameter configures Feiyate graph library)

  Dependability and quality

Mk1 and Mk2 Punto investigate medium mark in the customer that in the light of its dependability place becomes all the time very poor, the issue that is put in a variety of engine respects still has the drawback of electronic system and accessary system respect, feiyate's agency is in find out problem respect to do not have best fame.
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