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Money wants a flower to be sure in the car on edge view of error area area
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As people living standard rise, of illicit home car have a quantity to increase by degrees gradually, stem from safe consideration, most car advocate go up insurance serves as him protection " gold armour " . Although the car danger market nowadays is progressively normative, protect civilian windbreak danger consciousness also is improved somewhat, but still have many new cars advocate feel bemused: The money flower that how purchases guarantee slip ability to let his is on edge, cast the need in keeping a process what to issue mind? Does to car danger understanding exist what error?

Error one, fully comprehensive insurance namely all danger are planted

At present on car danger market, often hear insurance salesperson to be hit " fully comprehensive insurance " banner, send the person of the danger that keep a car for the first time especially, very easy will " fully comprehensive insurance " with " all danger are planted " delimit good number, beautiful money is bought. "' fully comprehensive insurance ' one word is not normative. " the Chinese protects Chen Qian of ministry of career of insurance of car of branch of money danger Beijing to explain, "A lot of cars advocate think fully comprehensive insurance is equal to cast protected all danger to plant, actually otherwise, fully comprehensive insurance is the abbreviation that a kind of spoken language changes only, at present insurance industry does not have the about fully comprehensive insurance definition of standardization. Serious him approve answers to be cast after all when consumer is throwing the narrow pass that keep a car protected what particular risk to plant. Cast what the risk can face according to oneself place when protecting is different, logical choice is cast defend plan, the protection that needs which respect can increase the safeguard that buys which respect. " as we have learned, usually new car advocate bought safeguard is relatively comprehensive, set besides the country outside making strong narrow pass, danger of responsibility of the personnel on rush to deal with an emergency of danger of car caustic danger, responsibility of a third party, pilfer, car, glass is alone and broken danger of loss of nick of danger, automobile body, not plan the insurance of the basic safeguard such as clause of the engage by special arrangement that avoid compensate is met buy, additional some cars advocate still can add buy a few engine to add equipment loss danger extraordinary loss danger, newly to wait.

Error 2, cast above quota protect can win more compensation

Because fear car of accident be or get out of danger gets,some love car a group of things with common features loss, hope to increase car loss risk then keep the specified number, obviously the flower buys car 100 thousand yuan, cast defend the car loss insurance of 200 thousand, feel much to protect with respect to can much compensate, however such idea is unreasonable, chen Qian tells a reporter: "Basis " insurance law " regulation, insurance amount exceeds insurance value, exceeded share is invalid. " so, cast above quota protect do not represent can win more compensation, raise insurance premium pay instead. Chen Qian suggests, car advocate casting when guaranteeing car loss a place difficult of access, answer to purchase valence to determine insurance amount according to new car.
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