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Seller forges card card buyer " compensate the madam is folded again arms "
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Recently, jilin province comes to dragon mouth city the Jin Mou of deal, because business is badly in need of, bought from the hand of another Jilin secondhand car. 10 thousand after thinking of to be hunted down by the policeman, confirm, the travel card of this car and car license plate all are forged. The suffering after Jin Mou is informed the truth can'ts bear character.

This year on June 11, jilin province comes to dragon mouth city on the west the Jin Mou of deal of the city zone, because business is badly in need of buying a car, but because capital is insufficient,be forced to buy a two handcart. After classics person introduces, with another Jilin person course argy-bargy flower bought a car of accept of tower of half old common mulberry 28 thousand yuan. Jin Mou thinks formalities is all ready completely, opening a car to run everywhere business. Should drive on June 16 go to city of Jiangsu province Xuzhou running when business, be checked by cut of traffic people's police, check of the nucleus on classics net is solid, the car license plate of this car and travel are forged entirely, public security car provides a record that does not have this car at all.

Because should make clear the processing of policeman branch ability of the place after the antecedents of the car. For this Jin Mou is forced to return dragon mouth to search the car that sells a car to advocate peace introducer, unexpectedly this two people already into thin air. Without the origin proof of the car, the car cannot be handled carry. Right now Jin Mou immediately foolish eye, the behavior that cursory to oneself act is deceived regrets unceasingly.

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