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It is not easy to buy a car the family buys a car to need to consider to protect
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Car to Chinese family consumer, still belong to costlier consumable, before because this is in,buying a car, need considers more factor. For instance the exterior of the car is beautiful, security is conspicuous, motivation and oily bad news are balanced wait, but still have a main factor, often easy by oversight, the rate keeping a cost that buys a model namely then is enough tall.

A when why say the rate that keep a cost also is the choice that buy a car important and referenced element, because,basically be to domestic user, after buying the first car, transfer cycle is in commonly 3-5 or so years, if the rate keeping a cost of the car is high, when selling as two handcart, can avoid needless pecuniary loss, contrary, the model with the low rate that keep a cost is secondhand car value is not good, return the situation of make inquires of person of possibility occurrence lack even, final can sacrifice, the pecuniary loss with bigger incur.

So what kind of car protects a value to lead ability tall? Before Euramerican car keeps a cost rate is high, day Han fastens a car to protect a value to lead low view, perhaps retain generous car keeps a cost rate is high, retain the car with small amount keeps a cost rate is low, these views have the reason that decides firstly, deserve consumer attention. Nevertheless besides these elements, what buy car price to whether be stabilized, of old money model and new fund model join smooth, same meeting decides the discretion of the rate that keep a cost.

Will see car price problem above all, for the user to buying a car, most those who fear is to depreciate, originally new car be born had hit 8 fold, if the price reappear of the car substantially if dropping, when 3, buy as two handcart after 5 years, the rate that keep a cost will be a very big question.

At present on car market, depreciate fiercer model is itself of a few prices normally with respect to empty tall advocate, triumphal it is a better example, the design that science and technology feels and excellent safety performance are full of at the beginning of appearing on the market, won the good impression of many consumer, but the high price that nots agree with with market fixed position, make its sales volume is like person meaning very much all the time. Till later substantially depreciate, exceed 30 thousand yuan for a time fall a favour that gained many customer for its, sales volume and depreciate extent becomes direct ratio, a when also be domestic car market odd group.

Such phenomenon to consumer be special inequity, appear on the market in new car especially the user that level cost price buys a car, 30 thousand yuan devalueing is not a decimal eye, lowered the rate that keep a cost greatly, when need transfers, two handcart cross low damage cost to be able to let consumer feel be bitterly disappointed.

See the problem of model replacement again additionally, present home market is popular " two Dai Tongtang " replacement mode, of short duration does not say whether such means is put in the suspicion of flicker consumer, but after new model appears on the market, old model sells a situation duely to maintain, depreciate substantially, it is the government depreciates even, for the consumer to buying a car in the past, itself is inequitable.
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