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Face future small-sized and secondhand does wagon flow connect enterprise wherea
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The small-sized and current business of the quantity remains the market " brunt army " , their support trades the appeal force of the market and consequence, support holds to the practised of market pulse, in the market feel just like a fish in water, clean out the first pail of gold that got two handcart. But, accelerate ceaselessly as what the market grows rate, increase of market dimensions ceaselessly, increase of market regulation plasticity ceaselessly, entrant will be increasing, large company, chain is managed also appear in the market sooner or later, the brand is secondhand at the same time car also will more and more play gives mighty market impel power, what accompany these and come is the competition between operator also will grow in intensity.

In this kind of competition, large company, brand is secondhand because the car has the advantage of the many sided such as capital, talent, sincere letter, standard, the opportunity that win out is very great. And although those small business have congenital advantage, to the market, offset cost trend holds more accurate, but because do not pay attention to a standard to manage mostly, dimensions is managed, also lack long-term development plan, lose best development good chance easily, often be in ahull when market competition aggravate. So, how can prospective small business develop?

It is earlier the company that has development consciousness, service consciousness, brand consciousness, begin to make a brand after the preliminary primitive accumulation that finish, advance towards stronger, bigger target, dimensions escalate, and work up is a brand two handcart, become what have competition ability quite inside the industry is large and medium-sized current business. An interest of Beijing is for instance new inferior, Zhuo Jie goes, the enterprise such as the An Meitu of Shanghai, have brand consciousness, do do greatly strong regard development as the target.

2 it is to become real broker company, undertake two handcart directly no longer trade, provide intermediary service in current link however. According to the rule that international maturity market develops, two handcart future of China also will surmount new car, become trade the market with huge amount. Such market also comparatives to the demand of the service, demand of information actually tremendous, want to have the service that accords with effective demand only, live, the space of development is same very tremendous.

3 it is to change as professional corporation, provide a service technically for large company. If change is professional corporation stopping a car, be engaged in receiving car business and simple to car renewing only, oneself do not undertake selling. Such enterprise specializations rate is higher, rely on be in or below a few large companies, live so that compare " comfortable " , but business development is restricted easily. Be in the United States, large two handcart often collected a few small companies that provide a service technically for them all round the enterprise, both between mutual depend on sb or sth for existence, often also develop jointly.
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