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Whole vehicle is sure to be as high as 22 thousand yuan to run quickly S300 is c
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If pass the insurance representative orgnaization of official authorization to buy car a place difficult of access, the price that can obtain different discount on the foundation of the charge of former guarantee slip is favourable, but should distinguish the acting orgnaization that whether is official authorization, the best customer service telephone that this insurance company dials after checking means to take guarantee slip namely inquires true bogus.

2, the special insurance item that can offer

3, the service project that joins the place after protecting to offer

Run quickly all sorts of appearance inside S300 car, pushbutton by the proper place of systimatic arrangement, block after be located in steering wheel, be 7 block automatic transmission. The lamplight control division with left steering wheel can is opposite before the car " headlight of gas of double entry xenon " undertake controlling. Run quickly the door of S series car is " stepless " of type, be in that is to say any can open wide freely below angle, when achieving the biggest to spend you are OK special and easy fluctuation car.

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