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Do not have an insatiable desire for petty gain to buy Che Xianshen to choose ap
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Buying insurance is after buying a car surely classics program, but buy where, spending how many money to buy is crucial very, matter to the manage compensate after car occurrence breakdown directly. Some cars advocate petty gain is had an insatiable desire for when buying a car at the outset, to save hundreds of yuan project insurance cost, and the acting orgnaization that adopts a few frame-up plan is cast protect, the manage compensate that ideal cannot get after waiting for car occurrence breakdown just knows to regret when the forehead. The personage inside course of study reminds a car advocate, buy insurance or should not have an insatiable desire for petty gain had better.

Maintenance is less than in January once more breakdown

The car before a month advocate Mr Guo produced traffic accident one case, via insurance company appraisal hind, to at the outset cast ensure maintenance plant maintenance, car of time of 1 many months is original place of traffic accident damage once more breakdown. Mr Guo will to 4s inn detect, conclusion is to be maintained last stay " sequela " , but as a result of the car advocate do not maintain in 4s inn after be or get out of danger, accordingly 4s inn rejects to guarantee freely. The former plant that build a car is maintained repair without the problem, insurance company states traffic accident already ended via manage compensate, be damaged again attribute maintenance mishap, do not be in charge of compensating for. For this, mr Guo can from dig down nearly 1000 yuan.

Original, mr Guo joins the company of the maintenance that decide caustic that protect is not 4s inn, buy a car to cast when protecting to save insurance cost, he is cast through insurance representative company protect, appointing maintenance shop is plant of general vehicle maintenance and repair, can save 339 yuan to project insurance cost. Face nearly 1000 yuan maintenance loss cost, mr Guo says to have a kind of feeling that the loss outweights the gain really.

Car danger is cast protect with " safeguard " to want

The car buys insurance is for originally " ensure " , safeguard is safe, safeguard loss gets necessary pay back. The discretion of insurance cost also with cast protect content closely related. When choosing car risk if take insurance cost to make only,compare, and oversight plant nearly, the crucial factor such as extent of liability, additional service, cause likely the loss outweights the gain.

Insurance cost is cast to use in 4s inn taller, but car advocate can enjoy a bit more professional service, calm caustic specified number is normally relative also taller. If to lesser representative the dot is cast,protect, insurance cost will be normally a bit lower. But when insurance company decides caustic if decide caustic forehead to spend,repair charge under 4s inn, car advocate must complemental price difference or oneself search maintenance factory. If encounter undesirable maintenance manufacturer, create vehicle very likely " 2 breakdown " .
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