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Two handcart markets of Chinese transformed historicly 2008
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-- , visit car of Beijing Ya Yun Cun to trade Su Hui of market general manager

A few days ago, car of Beijing Ya Yun Cun trades Su Hui of market general manager accepted our newspaper reporter interview, in the Su Hui in interviewing general manager developed a problem to express his view and opinion with respect to the industry.

Reporter: Revive always, two handcart market did not appear 2008 a lot of person place expect " blowout " of the phenomenon appear, a few people inside course of study shake somewhat because of this confidence, do to this you have why view?

Su Hui: Although do not have,appear this year " blowout " phenomenon, but I think two handcart market had had historic change now, this basically reflects in:

The position of two handcart market produced 1. to weigh about-face, had made the component with car main market, it is the furniture of new car market only no longer. And be on development had been in synchronous level with new car market, some places speed transcended new car market even;

2. consumes ideal happening change, consumer is rational with each passing day, buy two handcart to had made the fundamental choice of consumer;

3. car consumes changed speed to accelerate, new car allows in two handcart market, second the amount of new car is added gradually much, technology of car reorganize and outfit and method are increasingly advanced, changed the past two handcart market " dated " , " tattered " figure, this excited consumptive passion greatly, offerred more alternatives for consumer, this also is to have historic change;

Each district of 4. whole nation is large and medium-sized urban market grows rapid, momentum good;

5. brand is secondhand car in the market already preliminary established image, broke the situation that gives priority to with broker company, adumbrative move is secondhand henceforth the development level of car market will rise substantially;

Two handcart of 6. auction the mainstream professional work that makes two handcart trade with each passing day, improved trading quality greatly;

Industrial and commercial bureau publishs 7. country two handcart consolidate contract of purchase and sale, have historical sense, changed the past to lean only " a piece of ticket " complete trading condition, made clear the responsibility of buyer and bargainor with the form of the contract first, laid important foundation to normative market;

8. industry begins to take the construction of integral level seriously, the enterprise builds what standard, appraisal evaluates a standard to make, the construction of platform of two handcart information, network, reorganize and outfit, detect the level of technology and method rises, wear in promotion the level of whole industry.

But regretful is up to now still a few problems did not get be settlemented thoroughly, restricting the development of the industry, main show is in:
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