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Anew the sale of one steam masses is politic change in light of treasure
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Compete to answer intense with each passing day car city, this year April, german masses hand in hand its two China partner one steam masses, shanghai people appears Beijing car to exhibit, release a heavyweight severally brand-new model " Model X " and " Model Y " , modely is Shanghai popular Lang Yi, had appeared on the market in Hangzhou west lake, as produce can expand, cut a figure in city of car of domestic A class gradually, and Modelx is Xin Baolai of one steam popular, as the promising young person, also make fun of greatly in what considering appearing on the market.

Step of sale of masses of north and south agrees basically

Although be south one north two

New treasure of blindly follow sb will be good at learn

Observe Xin Baolai carefully actually the sale nowadays is politic, see not hard have the mark that imitates Lang Yi. The aggression to southern market is for instance politic. Well-known, the Pearl River delta that southern market gives priority to with Guangdong, Fujian especially is day of the world that fastens a car all the time, and the arms of the person at the head of a procession that Lang Yi regards heart department as the car, appropriative heart fastens just the bugle that the car fastens base area set out to day, according to selling statistic, the Lang Yi after appearing on the market can be encircled in the expression of southern market can nod. The likelihood is the view that sees Lang Yi, xin Baolai also ready to do sth, announce to want to march in a large-scale southern market, want to be in long all the time before do not attack the domain below to share a cup of a thick soup. If say to follow,Lang Yi regards Xin Baolai as to pursue the word that takes careful step in market sale respect, so the act that goes up in inventory is imitated dye-in-the-woodly namely. Because Lang Yi is produced can reason, plus northward market other people flows during the Olympic Games, deserve to send those who wait for link to suffer be restricted, bring about inn of partial people sell on commission to appear the situation that demand exceeds supply, keeping 0 stock basically. And one steam masses is pursued all the time " sell more prolifically " principle, because be opposite,the undue self-confidence of the product is mixed to the market excessive and hopeful, form the awkward situation with serious inventory of product keep long in stock, so Xin Baolai also plans this to press require production, rather go without than have something shoddy-put quality before quantity. Respecting inventory must say some famous car brand, induct ability as a result of what consider the market far from, just blindly production, to obtain beautiful sale data, toss the product agency to form enormous inventory pressure, because the price cancels alliedly, agency faces a large number of products is to be about to cry without the tear, can depreciate considerably only will finish sale job, result sales volume is to go up, profit however place remnant very few, agency cries of discontent rise all round.
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