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Does global car look forward to enter period of the Warring States who will win
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Global car look forward to is in Russia to seek new profit point of growth to spread out a new rich play chess, also rise according to market of car of Russia of character of place of famous advisory orgnaization for Europe the 2nd, exceed Italy. Can rapid growth is returned inside nearly 5 years, media exclamations " in the near future inside Russian car amount will exceed population " , ford company announces in Russia crop will achieve 200 000 this year, russia is the market with the biggest overseas of 3 water chestnut, plan sale achieves 140 000 this year, achieve 170 000 to 2010, BMW predicts to grow 70% this year (500 19000 cars, autocycle) , ao Di achieves 20 000, even

Moscow answers the global car look forward to with swift and violent the force with which sth breaks out actively, publish new policy in succession, political parties and groups of Russian political situation is bristly new after each interest gets assuring politics can carry out smoothly. Recent Russian case war, beautiful Europe is hit together press Russia evidence to show, increase production of sand spy oil, this message the Ural card crude with a the famousest Russia falls every pails to 103 dollars, russian ruble devalues considerably 1 dollar converts 30.14 ruble (1 dollar add still is before a week 24.75) , and about 25 billion dollar takes market leaving Russia, a variety of evidence show Moscow still can have new policy to publish puissant backstroke beautiful Europe, after seeing a guest should take an active part in this to be opposite, China should be not made only is car look forward to or other company without giving thought to enter Russian market to be able to rise to urge action actively.

Look forward to of the car inside Russia is in likewise recombine, integrated, fu Er adds automobile group company to finish recombine (banner inferior card is pulled amount to)

Latest news is Fu Er increases company and production revive - 27, revive - the manufactory of Russian famous battleplan of 35 and Ni Sang collaboration build a plant in far east area, according to estimating car of far east area year demand is 300 000. And Great Wall company is mixed in new Siberia far east area is same energetically outspread, great Wall car has taller reputation in Siberia and far east area, sales volume is successive also 3 years high speed grows. Company of group of automobile of Gorky of famous car look forward to was in another Russia early to accomplished Er of well-known trademark bend over to add with respect to the technology that comes from Ford company transplanting 1932, the Russian finance oligarch that owns 5% stock of Gm company Aoliege will facilitate actively Gorky company and general deepness collaboration. And force sail company is pulled in card just Yi - the republic extends Qieerkesi energetically, the partner is before of republican president Musidafa demesne company, both sides is deepening collaboration actively. And blessing cropland have the aid of wears Mu to strap whether into advocate Russia blocks industrial wait and see what happens again, be in Russia China at present of car look forward to contend for adversary unexpectedly formidably contemporary in Peter the plant go into operation of fort arrives to plan a quantity to produce 200 000 next year.
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