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Is this cropland east wind why does two drive hand block urgent dispatch CR-V ed
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Yesterday, east wind hand of 2.0l of edition of two drive city moves this cropland Cr-v block appear on the market formally, price one hundred and eighty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan.

The market did not turn warm, why does this cropland choose east wind to roll out two drive hand to block edition Cr-v right now, what kind of wishful thinking is those who hit?

As successive town of 5 months car is small fan, the phenomenon that Cr-v demands exceeds supply to add valence to sell even already had " allay a fever " , and Xiao guest, road is gotten the better of, lion runs wait for competitive model, place the manner of an aggression ceaselessly.

In addition, second half of the year comes this year between next year, at least still 5 heavyweight Suv that have competition ability will join war situation, they are day produces Kuga of strange fine horse, Ford,

Can say, "A person of high position is liable to be attacked " Cr-v has lain actually " before have a strong opponent, have after chase after arms " below dangerous condition, if it thinks all the time " with changeless should 10 thousand change " , will be faced with scene probably no longer corner.

Regard east wind as the sales volume milk cow of this cropland and profit milk cow, the easy life of a small family before Cr-v passes actually perfectly. Appear on the market from April 2007 to the end of August 2008, new Cr-v already accumulative total sells 93469, among them sales volume of accumulative total of before this year 8 months amounts to 52639, month all sales volume 6580, sit completely firm the champion throne of city of domestic Suv car.

But the ambition of this cropland is not confined to east wind absolutely this, not contented before the market of market of the high end in Suv of sweep anything away of cr-v4 drive model, try to take next more market share however. The bottom pushed 2.0l of edition of two drive city to be blocked automatically in March, and push hand of 2.0l of edition of two drive city this to move block, be the two paces chess that this cropland plays east wind one after another.

The first pace, two drive edition is located in Cr-v surely applicable model urban Suv, those who aim at is city two drive Suv this fractionize market. There are a lot of people to want to buy bigger Suv in big really city, the exterior wants enough manner, eye shot expanse, drive comfortable, boot space is large, suit a family to use, and hope price can opposite material benefit.

And the 2nd pace is to push a hand to move again block a model, can promote a city cross-country car further already drive fun, still can pull low case doorsill.

Compare the price finally. Two drive hand moves Cr-v the price that block one hundred and eighty-nine thousand eight hundred yuan, more automatic than 2 two drive archives low 8000 yuan. Lion runs two drive of 2.0 Gls are automatic shelf price one hundred and eighty-three thousand eight hundred yuan, road is gotten the better of 2 automatic edition of two drive scuttle also is one hundred and eighty-three thousand eight hundred yuan, and two drive of Xiao guest 2.0x are automatic the price of archives is one hundred and eighty-eight thousand eight hundred yuan.
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