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Is this cropland east wind why does two drive hand block urgent dispatch CR-V ed
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Run to get the better of photograph comparing with road with lion, two drive edition is in Cr-v brand, exterior, charge for the making of sth. and dimensional respect have clear advantage. Compare with Xiao guest photograph, the dominant position with the largest Cr-v depends on a space, the space of the back row of Xiao guest and boot is inferior to Cr-v apparently.

Plus the brand effect of Cr-v and market person energy of life, after two drive hand blocks edition Cr-v to appear on the market, will get the better of to road apparently, lion runs and Xiao guest generates greater sale pressure.

Cr-v is to want to consolidate undoubtedly original portion, then is sent hope to gain increment share. East wind can this one wishful thinking call this field? And is road gotten the better of, will be lion runs and Xiao guest done again why backstroke?

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